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Gamewright Can You See What I See Review Toy Queen

Can You See What I See? Gamewright game review by ToyQueen. Educational card game that helps you learn how to visually scan images & match. Tweet

Gamewright Ringo Flamingo Review by Toy Queen

Fun game to play at school or as a family that works on a child’s fine motor skills to develop coordination, speed and dexterity. Also Incorporates math with simple addition and subtraction based on how many life savers land onto the gameboard. Tweet

ShiShuStyle Baby Blanket review by ToyQueen

ShiShuStyle Baby Blanket review discussing self calming techniques and the benefits of a quality blanket for babies. Review provided by Keri WIlmot aka ToyQueen Tweet

Homework Hot Tips for Parents

As the school year is beginning, many parents have been asking for suggestions on ways to organize and structure their after school routine to get homework completed as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here are some general suggestions: 1. Allow 15-20 minutes of after school heavy work play either indoors or outdoors when the children […]

September 16th is National Play-Doh Day!

It is amazing to me how when you open that familiar can of yellow Play-doh, the distinctive scent can bring some of us instantaneously back to fond memories from our childhood.  Not only does Play-Doh allow for creativity to make and bring to life all sorts of ideas and concepts, there are key developmental skills […]

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