Archives for January 2010

Sassy Illumination Station!

From the moment I opened the Sassy Illumination Station, I personally couldn’t wait to give it a whirl and twirl! It’s so visually appealing with many colors, has many textures to touch and makes a cool rattle noise when it’s spun that Gavin my three month old was immediately interested.  It’s very easy to activate […]

Thank You FedEx!

In mid-December I attended an event, sponsored by FedEx, at one of their FedEx office locations that provided some great strategies with regard to shipping FedEx and to promote the launch of their new Out of Office Blog. At the event we were provided with an item to ship anywhere in the United States to […]

Fabulous Infant Fun!

I apologize ahead of time that many of my posts over the next few weeks will most likely be infant related. When I return back to work after my maternity leave in two weeks, my mind should think in a broader perspective, but for now this cute little man is my reality! In an effort […]

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