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Easter Basket Toy Ideas!

Being that it’s Gavin’s first Easter, for the first time in forever I was up and down the Easter  aisle at Target, searching for his very own basket. What I was so excited to see where many toys that would be awesome additions to your child’s Easter basket for children of all ages for only […]

Leap Frog Zippity Review!

The Zippity by Leap Frog is a plug and play, video game style learning system for children ages 3-5. Children learn to follow directions while they simultaneously develop coordination and strength by jumping and dancing with their favorite characters including Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, Handy Manny and the Little Einsteins. When a game begins, the […]

Disney Toy Story 3 Preview event in New York City for Toy Fair 2010


Ecotronics speaks with ToyQueen – Toy Fair 2010 NY

Tisha from International Playthings demonstrates toys from the Ecotronic Brand. Kids love toys with electronic features, but batteries contribute a ton of toxic waste into the environment so Ecotronic brand includes the lights and sounds without batteries! It uses the power of kids play to power the toys. The monkey flashlight is activated by squeezing […]

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