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ToyQueen Talks Toys That Promote Health and Wellness on Fitarella TV

Keri Wilmot from appears with Fitarella on Fitarella TV, talking about toys and products that promote health and wellness. General development tips for all ages are discussed, as well as toys and family games that enhance movement, strengthening, balance, coordination and fitness. Toys and games are featured from companies such as Hasbro, Sassy, Infantino, […]

Take the Cake by Gamewright

Take the Cake is a great turn taking, shape matching and simple counting game from Gamewright for kids ages 4 and up. There are 16 colored cupcake cards with different shapes imprinted on them as “sprinkles.” Four different cupcake cards are placed in the center of the game space. The players take turns shaking a […]


So this weekend we have had some of our friends visit this weekend with their three children. I love kid visitors in my house, because that means I get to secretly watch to see what they find in my living room that peeks their interest. So our friends’ kids are Kindergarten and Preschool age and […]

Mint Floor Cleaner at CES Rocking to Boom Boom Pow

Mint Floor Cleaner at CES Rocking to Boom Boom Pow By Black Eyed Peas.  What a fun way to promote a product.  The consumer version doesn’t have this feature.  Hopefully, soon. Tweet

Good Night Scout Book & Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout

Two things we gave our son for Christmas this year were the Good Night Scout book and Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout by Leap Frog, and boy have they been a big hit. Good Night Scout is a hard plastic book, with a simple story and a few pages to easily turn. If you push the […]

Bring the Snow Inside!

So it’s been snowing crazily here since I opened my eyes this morning, and so heavily that we haven’t bundled up yet to brave the outdoors. However, after a few hours we are already starting to go a little stir crazy and then I had a lightbulb moment, let’s bring the snow inside! So my […]

Wikki Stix

There are certain crayons, markers, toys and tools that live in the bag of every occupational therapist. Wikki Stix, are simply, colored strips made of wax and yarn that can be squished, twisted, and bent into anything your heart desires.  They are a very lightweight product that can easily fit inside a purse that will […]

What do Tom Thumb, Pecos Bill, John Henry & the Velveteen Rabbit have in common?

Over the holiday break I reviewed several iPad, IPhone and IPod Touch apps from Ruckus Media Group, four of which included Tom Thumb, Pecos Bill, John Henry and the Velveteen Rabbit. You might wonder what do all of these apps have in common? Simply, after you download them, once you select them, you can choose […]

Sound Shaker: iPad, iPod, iPhone App Review

So now that we’ve got our brand new iPad, I’m adding reviews for apps that might be educationally stimulating for children. I know the cost of an iPad is a turn off to many people, but to me this device is priceless when you have a child. It is amazing to me at such young […]

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym The Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym is a great infant play mat. With the quick twist of the top, the gym folds up, umbrella style to be easily stored, moved and travelled with. Play mats are excellent for young infants to develop their visual skills for focusing on […]

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