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LeapFrog LeapPad Debut

These days, time for myself is pretty much nonexistent. So I literally “leaped” at the opportunity to head into New York City for the day just to get a glimpse of this exciting new tablet from LeapFrog. So on a beautiful, summer day in New York City, I not only got a chance to play […]

Do you have a good sense of work-life balance?

I recently took part in an online webinar, developed by Stephanie Marston entitled 30 Days to Sanity.  The course is designed to help individuals by learning when to prioritize themselves, their family and their work to provide work-life balance. We all have different roles in life, some of mine include being a wife, mother to […]

6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

How many of you remember your parents requiring that you sit at the dinner table until you eat your vegetables. “Eat your peas, then you can have dessert.” And yes, dessert in my house as a child was Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes or Swiss Miss Pudding cups.  I’m pretty sure the three pieces of corn I […]

Sparkling 3D Paints for Kids!

Working with children on developing their hand strength, tracing and coordination there are only so many times we can do arts and crafts type activities with plain old crayons and markers before I am met with some serious resistance. So my goal is always to find ways to encourage children to develop these skills, so […]

Thomas the Train Might Be Headed To A Station Nearest You!

“All Aboard!” On July 8th, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends will pull into North Conway, NH and we will be among the many excited children and families ready to take the ride of a lifetime at the Conway Scenic Railroad.  I’ll be there because I’ve been selected to be a Mommy Reporter for the […]

What television shows do you let your kids watch?

Before having children I think most people have this idea of all things we will never, ever, under any circumstances allow our children to do. One of which revolves around watching television and especially, how much time we will let them in engage in such a “passive activity.” I do let my son watch usually […]

Need a travel game this summer for kids of all ages?

The Everything “A to Z” Peek-a-Boo Bag by International Playthings is a great activity to keep your children quickly entertained, especially if you are traveling with the kids this summer and need something lightweight and easy to take along where ever you might be headed off to. I love the versatility of this game, because […]

Shrinky Dinks

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Shrinky Dinks?” For those of you with your heads out of the gutter, you will be instantaneously wisked away, I think, to your childhood years and specific commercial of kids peering into an oven watching their creations shrink to a tiny size. I must not […]

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