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Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers (Giveaway)

So since my son was born, I will admit, I have always used disposable diapers. Though I have some very dear friends who are great at cloth diapering and being earth conscious, as a full time working parent, I’ve tried to pick my battles. So adding another 50 diapers a week to the landfill, just […]

Dear BlogHer

    Dear BlogHer, We have not even met yet and you gave me sweaty palms of excitement from the moment I clicked the submit button on my non-refundable hotel stay in San Diego, because non-refundable = definite. I have been researching the conference topics, RSVP’d to some really cool parties, and talked with a […]

Keri Wilmot from will now create content for the Toys site at!

We have some exciting news to share! I was recently hired to create content for the Toys site at Over the past few months I have been busy creating new content for the launch. My role at will include generating new content by the way of  top toy lists, blog posts, articles and […]

Storyland: A Family Friendly Amusement Park [ Video ]

In the same weekend we headed up to New Hampshire to attend A Day Out With Thomas, we also spent the afternoon at Storyland in Glen, NH, just a short driving distance from North Conway. Storyland is a deceivingly large, family friendly, amusement park geared mostly for kids ages 2-12. Children (3 and over) as […]

Day Out With Thomas at Conway Scenic Railroad (video)

Here is the photo gallery of our trip to Day Out With Thomas at Conway Scenic Railroad! Last weekend our family spent the morning at the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, NH for “A Day Out with Thomas!” Though my son is not a fan of the Thomas the Train television show (yet), we […]

Winnie the Pooh Movie Review

So the other night, we got a great opportunity to preview the new Winnie the Pooh movie by Disney, set to release to the general public today, coincidentally the same day the last Harry Potter movie is also being released. Despite actually being a really sweet and cute movie, this was the first movie that […]

Kid’s Bike Helmets by Giro

Crazy thing happened during work the other day. A few days per week I visit children under the ages of 3 at their houses to provide occupational therapy services. Being in my car and “on the road” a lot, I have had my fair share of good samaritan situations. I’ve helped elderly people remove their […]

Mr. Biggs in The City Book Review

Okay parents, how many dozens of children’s books do you read a week? I have been so impressed with some of the detailed illustrations recently in books, that it made me think, without these talented individuals creating the pictures that tell the story, the most amazing words in the universe would be rendered meaningless. And […]

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