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Angelina Ballerina DVD: Ballerina Princess Review

I have a 2-year-old-son who has a crush on Angelina Ballerina. I’m not kidding. He loves this show and actually prefers to watch these DVD’s more than Thomas the Train or Barney. It honestly doesn’t make me sad, because it’s the only opportunity to watch something a little more girly that isn’t focused on trucks […]

New Beyblade Beywheelz (Video)

Beyblade’s spinning tops have been very popular amongst little boys for several years. Children “Let it Rip!” by pulling the rip cord and battle against their friends in an arena, with the last top standing being crowned the winner. This year Hasbro introduced a new Beyblade line at Toy Fair, Beyblade Beywheelz. Beywheelz will spin […]

Minnie’s Bow-Toons Toys (Video)

Minnie Mouse is a very well recognized household Disney character. Based on a popular episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a new series of shorts entitled Minnie’s Bow-Toons  features Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck running Minnie’s Bow-Tique. The speciaty shop sells only bowties and bows.  In conjunction with this show, a whole series of toys that were developed […]

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll (Video)

Barbie, a popular fashion doll, made her debut this year at Toy Fair 2012 with an integrated digital camera. The images are displayed right on Barbie’s stomach, and the doll can store 100 images. Not only can girls dress up their Barbie dolls, they can now accessorize her with images!           […]

Chobani Greek Yogurt for Kids (contest)

Being a full-time working mom, yogurt in general has been a godsend in my life, not only for my own lunches, but those small individualized cups are so quick and easy to pack for my son’s lunch for daycare . Being that I work in several different school systems and over the course of the […]

Spin Master Air Hogs Battle Tracker (Video)

Let me introduce you to Air Hogs, a brand part of Spin Master, that has designed some of the most innovative remote control cars and helicopters available to purchase. This year at Toy Fair 2012, we were introduced to the new Air Hogs Battle Tracker. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, and being made […]

New Hasbro Games for Family Game Night

If you ask me, Hasbro dominates in the family games market. Here are some of their newest games ready to launch in 2012, that are must-haves for your family game night! Not only is Hasbro the fabulous creater of board games and family games, this year, they have taken their game play to a whole […]

Koosh Recon Solar Blaster at Hasbro Showroom for Toy Fair 2012

Yesterday we had the most fun playing around at the Hasbro Showroom for the unveiling of their newest toys for 2012. Koosh, the makers of those stringy, elastic balls kids love to fidget with, is part of Hasbro. The Koosh team has worked alongside another popular Hasbro brand, NERF, to bring a fun, new blaster […]

Cartoon It! A Fun Drawing Game for Kids

I will not lie up front. I am a horrible artist. Awful. Always have been and I think I always will be. Though I can be creative in my job in different ways and I have other special talents where I’m more athletic in nature, I do think some people are just not blessed with […]

Cody Simpson Doll Contest

For those of you with “tween’s” or children in the 8-12 year old age group, it’s very possible there is constant chatter in your home about pop idol favorites like the blonde Australian, Cody Simpson. Working in the school system with many young girls right in this age group, their excitement and enthusiasm for these […]

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