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Chobani Champions!

Have you tried the Chobani Champions greek yogurt for kids yet? Gavin and I have been buying this by the case at BJ’s Wholesale for months.  He loves it and I love how much protein it offers in 1 serving (around 8 grams in a 3.5 ounce cup). There are 4 kid-friendly flavors that include […]

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk Review (contest)

Now that the weather is warmer, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. Gavin is now 2 and not only does he enjoy riding his balance bike and pushing his cars around the yard, we’ve blown through all our bubbles and have now expanded into the world of sidewalk chalk. We’ve been testing out […]

Have You Considered Comfort Insoles or Orthotics for Kids?

Last year at BlogHer 2011 in San Diego, I received my most recent pair of comfort insoles from Dr. Scholls. I have had flat feet since I was a child. I remember my parents bringing every pair of shoe I owned, including soccer cleats, to the cobbler in town for an arch support to be glued […]

Toy Storage & The Clean Up Song for Kids

When you have a toddler, somehow everyone needs to and seems to learn a variety of clean up songs. Now I’d love to give credit where credit is due, but I have no idea who came up with these songs, so I will not take any individual credit but my favorite clean up song for […]

New LEGO Duplo Set – Shape Sorter Toy

After my most recent visit to Toy Fair previewing the latest and greatest toys, I came home with a large spiral bound book of all the new LEGO toys for the year.  I’d love it if LEGO would do a research study to find out of the love and enthusiasm with these iconic construction bricks […]

An Educational App for Preschoolers: Dr. Panda, Teach Me!

These days it never ceases to amaze me how quickly my 2-year-old navigates our iPad 2. We’ve created a folder for him with all of the apps appropriate for his age, and he can already flip through multiple pages to locate it. I also can’t believe how “in-tune” he is to the icons on the […]

BOP IT XT Game Review (Contest)

I wasn’t sure what the kids at school would think of the new BOP IT! XT game from Hasbro. If you aren’t familiar with the BOP IT line of games, it is essentially a handheld gaming device that shouts out directions pretty much at rapid fire. As the player you are responsible to follow all […]

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