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Fun Kids Travel Games by Patch Products

The traveling season is upon us and whether we are leaving for a weekend or a week, Gavin always has his bag of toys and games. It can sometimes be a challenge to pack a lot of fun into only 1 bag though, and in all honesty, I never bring many of his absolute favorite […]

Worst Mother’s Day Gift Ever

I just woke up from the weirdest dream ever. I raced across New York City through cabs and elevators to return to the hotel for Gavin’s left over chicken fingers prior to going to Wagamama for dinner. In my dream state, it took 2 hours to get those chicken fingers to Wagamama. Where, in my […]

Lifeproof iPhone Case Review

As a multi-tasking adult, my iPhone 4S is the biggest and most expensive toy that I have. Given that I have a 2-year-old and work with kids throughout the school day, often handing over my iPhone to access educational apps, many parents have cringed as I have freely passed over this expensive device without any […]

AllerMates: Allergy Bracelets for Kids

Professionally I have seen a HUGE increase in children with life threatening allergies to foods and the environment. My son’s daycare is peanut free, as well as many of the schools that I work in. Signs in the buildings everywhere caution teachers, parents and visitors about peanut allergies, but not all people notice them or […]

Kids Sunscreen & Sun Safety

I was recently picked to be one of the Coopertone Water MOMS! This program enlists parents and bloggers nationwide to not only spread the name of the Coppertone brand,but learn and share some basic fasts about sun safety. Though it hasn’t been all that warm here in the NorthEast to apply much sunscreen yet, no […]

Alphabet Smart Blocks

Learning the letters of the alphabet can be difficult for some and easy for others. Some kids love letters, while others want nothing to do with them, leaving their parents angered and frustrated on how they are going to master this critical life skill for reading and writing. Many parents often tell me how their […]

Buying LEGO’s for Kids? Tips For Successful Building

Have you thought about buying LEGO’s for your child or as a gift? I can’t believe how many kids love to construct with LEGO’s. I said it before when I reviewed the LEGO Duplo Creative Sorter, my son sits with my LEGO media kit binder, flipping through it like it’s the Bible, consuming every picture, […]

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