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New Peg Board For Kids by Patch Products

Years later, the familiar Lauri pegboard is still available, but it has now morphed into the Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Playset.  Using a similar version of the pegs and pegboard, kids can construct a play area where monkeys can swing from palm trees and slide down slides in their cart. When I saw this concept at […]

Finding Nemo 3D Movie Review

The first time I saw the original Finding Nemo movie from Disney-Pixar, it was 2003, one year before I got married. There wasn’t much I remembered about the original movie, except for that there was some witty, adult humor centering around a child clownfish named Nemo who was separated from his father (Marlin). He doesn’t […]

Step2 All Around Art Easel For Kids

Being an occupational therapist, art easels for kids are a popular recommendation. But why? Not only do they provide a place for kids to be creative, and explore all sorts of messy art mediums like chalk, paint, markers, and crayons, there is something really special about the design of an easel that helps promote certain […]

Kiwi Crate Craft Kits for Kids

These days Gavin is coming home from his preschool with a lot of arts and crafts and I completely feel guilty sometimes that I’ve limited him at home to Crayola Color Wonder markers, Play-Doh and Moon Dough. I am an OT and I’ve allowed him to experiment with using some scissors to cut some paper […]

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