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Xbox Kinect Sesame Street TV

A few months ago we sold our Wii for an XBox 360 with Kinect sensor. I had several opportunities at Toy Fair and other toy related events to test out many of the new games developed for use with the Kinect sensor and it just seemed like this system was a better fit for our […]

All About Poop is the Best Potty Training Book

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed the dozens of links and comments about this new children’s book by a fellow blogger and friend, Kate Hayes, called All About Poop. We live about 15 minutes away from each other in the real world, but I first really got to know Kate at BlogHer […]

Hotel Tonight App for Last Minute Hotel Reservations

Have you ever tried to make last minute hotel reservations through Priceline or other websites like Kayak or Room Key? A few weeks ago we took a trip to New York City and I diligently researched the rates on Kayak and Room Key. I even tried twice to score a cheap hotel room on Priceline, […]

Best Music for Kids: Rock-A-Baby

I know lots of parents who aren’t really into children’s music and they’ve actually admitted they refuse to put kids music on in the car. I often wonder why and maybe it’s that they think all children’s music sounds like Barney? We are fan favorites of Laurie Berkner, Rabbitt, Raffi and now, Rock-A-Baby.  I’ll say […]

Uncle Milton Anteater Bug Vac

I hate bugs and so don’t primarily most of the adult people I know, especially my co-workers. However, my son, is obsessed with bugs. He points out the spiders, ants and insects every morning as we walk down our outside stairs. He find them everywhere, and wants to sit and watch them, all the time. […]

Happy Halloween with Disney Junior

Disney Junior has some exciting Halloween themed programming and contests planned with some of their favorite shows including Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Go to to upload videos of your children explaining or acting out what they want to be for Halloween for a chance to be on the air. The […]

Girl’s Night Out in Boston, Sponsored by Ford

When was the last “Girls’s Night Out” you had? I can’t even remember mine, so I’m excited to attend the Girl’s Night Out at the Castle at the Park Plaza Hotel on October 11th and 12th in Boston. Several sponsors and vendors, like Ford, will be on-hand to meet and pamper attendees. Ford is sponsoring the […]

Foodler: Ordering Food Online

We eat a fair amount of take-out these days, life is just to hectic and time consuming for me to cook every night. However, I don’t think we are the only family that resorts to the same type of take-out from the same places over and over. Not to mention, being that I’m always in […]

Toddler Trucks (Giveaway)

When Gavin was 8-months-old we received our first Mega Bloks dump truck. As he was just learning to crawl, trucks and large vehicles were the only motivation he needed to get moving faster, as he pushed them aimlessly back and forth across the living room floor. Since then, any truck, car or item with moving […]

Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration – Long Island

Every year Disney invites bloggers down to Florida to partake in their Social Media Mom’s Celebration at Disney World. This conference is an invite-only event that I’d say most bloggers’ dreams would come true seeing that trail of pixie dust roll into their inbox. Well, Disney did something a little different the past few weeks […]

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