2014 TOYota Sienna & Toy Fair NY

2014 Toyota SiennaThough November and December are the biggest retail months of the year for toys, the real toy magic happens in February when toy companies and media representatives head to the Javits Center in New York City as part of the American International Toy Fair.

Though the general public often thinks Toy Fair is a big shopping expedition at Toys R Us, it’s not even close to that. At Toy Fair, toy companies reveal to buyers and the media their newest toys set to release at various times throughout the year. Many of the toys aren’t even in production yet and are still prototypes. So, take the excitement of Christmas morning and multiply that over the course of 4 straight days. It’s exhilarating and overwhelming.

So 2014 marks our 5th annual trip to New York for Toy Fair, while this year Toy Fair will celebrate its 111th anniversary.

After attending the Auto Show in Boston a few weeks ago as guests of Toyota where we talked about our favorite auto features, we had an amazing idea. What better way for the ToyQueen to head to New York for Toy Fair then in a 2014 TOYota?

Toyota has graciously provided us with a 2014 Toyota Sienna to test drive back and forth to New York for Toy Fair and we can’t wait to share with you some of our favorite features. We don’t presently own a mini-van, and though he isn’t coming with us, Gavin has been asking me for years to take a ride in what he calls “slider cars.” He is mesmerized by the idea that the doors slide, rather than swing open.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading all about the newest toys from Toy Fair in our Sienna adventure through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So buckle up, the snow isn’t going to stop us on this road trip. In the words of Toyota, “Let’s Go Places!”

Toyota has provided us with a vehicle to test drive to New York. Parking and gas is at our own personal expense. Any expenses associated with Toy Fair such as food and lodging are also at our own expense.

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