5 Reasons to Take the Family to the Dallas Auto Show

Keri Wilmot_Toyqueen_Dallas Auto ShowDisclosure: This post is sponsored on behalf of She Buys Cars and the Dallas Auto Show. Any opinions are my own.

Buying a car is not always easy. Many people cringe when it’s time to go to the dealership and haggle over buying a new vehicle. Some people are great at investigating and negotiating, but making an investment in a vehicle can be expensive and stressful.

She Buys Cars is an organization that is committed to helping buyers, especially women, to be informed consumers when it comes to buying a car, while they also serve as a resource that shares unique perspectives on road trips and aim to answer your questions on safety features, luxury brands and new auto technology.

We attended the auto show several times when we lived in Boston and always found it to be a really fun family event that we all really enjoyed.

As I toured the show hearing from various automotive brands this year at the Dallas Auto Show, I thought I’d share with you 5 reasons you should take your family to the auto show when it comes to your local city.

Researching Your Next Car Is Important To Do When You Have The Time

Family dynamics and priorities can change quickly. You might move across the country like my family did and all of a sudden you find yourself in need of a vehicle that needs to hold 4 adults while entertaining visitors. Car accidents happen. My friend had a squirrel take residence in her dashboard and trash her car overnight resulting in it being completely totaled.

Researching cars when you have the time allows you to narrow down your options, so that god forbid you should need to have to purchase a vehicle in a short timeframe, you may already have a short list of cars to consider.

At an auto show, every major car brand is under the same roof, reducing travel time that is otherwise needed dealerships when doing research.

Many auto shows also highlight concept cars, or future cars coming in the next few years and it’s fun to hear about new technologies and upcoming features.



There Is No Pressure To Buy

Auto shows are not dealerships. It frustrates me when going into a dealership and there are only 2 maybe 3 cars inside to look at. Then you have to tour the lot outside. In order to see inside a car, you have to contact a salesperson, provide a license and go through a lot of conversational drama sometimes to get basic information. It could be 100 degrees, -30, rainy, windy, icy or snowy.

While there are informed staff members at each brand location at an auto show, the entire fleet of vehicles is on the floor, inside under one roof in the same location, without having to deal with any yucky weather. Some brands may offer incentives and promo cash for those who attend the show if they go to a dealership to purchase, but there is nothing to buy at the event, so it really is great for information gathering.

Auto Shows Allow You To Dream

I’m not far away from buying a new car and was on the hunt for a vehicle with a functional 3rd row, that was not a minivan.

So while I often found myself doing the practical mom thing as I walked the floor, auto shows have many fun stops that allow you to live in the moment and dream. There are many places to hop in a fun vehicle, even if it’s something you think you might never afford to own, put the practicality aside, and dream a bit about the past or the future while you check out the cars new features.

Many Auto Shows Include Ride and Drive Events

At the Dallas Auto Show, several car manufacturers have ride and drive events, allowing you to drive the vehicle on-site. After passing a breathalyzer test and sharing my license, as a guest of Mazda, I drove a CX9 and a MX-5 around the block in the city. I even received a $5 gift card Starbucks for taking part in the experience and completing a simple survey. I think dealerships would be a much more fun place to visit if they adopted this policy all the time, don’t you?

Kids are Welcome

LEGO Batman Batmobile Dallas Auto ShowSometimes entertaining a child in a car dealership is disastrous.  Auto shows are very family friendly events. Even at young ages my son loved being able to see different cars, both inside and out.

Not only is the auto-show hands-on, but there are many photo opportunities to check out fun sports cars, luxury cars, and even a replica of the LEGO Batmobile!


Don’t miss out on the auto show in your neighborhood, aside from being something fun to do to build memories as a family, they really can be an informative event that will save you time, money and stress when it comes to buying a new vehicle.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored on behalf of She Buys Cars and the Dallas Auto Show. Any opinions are my own.

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