All About Poop is the Best Potty Training Book

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If you follow my Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed the dozens of links and comments about this new children’s book by a fellow blogger and friend, Kate Hayes, called All About Poop. We live about 15 minutes away from each other in the real world, but I first really got to know Kate at BlogHer 2011 in San Diego. I think it was then she told me she had a children’s book in the works. Fast forward a year, and All About Poop, the best potty training book ever, is finally available for purchase.

Kate sent me a review copy of the actual book 2 days before we started potty training my son. He had seen the digital version on the iPad, and would frequently ask to read it over and over again, especially anytime we mentioned a bowel movement or poop.

The day we received it, I was also planning on heading to the library for as many poop and pee books we could find, all to reinforce the process of toilet training. I also made a trip to Barnes and Nobles and was even willing to buy a few books. Maybe it’s because I had already read this book dozens of times, but there wasn’t a book I could find in the toilet training section of the book store or library that was anywhere near as funny or informative. The book not only highlights the physical act of pooping, it helps kids understand what goes on in their own body and where it goes after the dreaded flush.

I’m not kidding when I probably mention some little tid bit from this book almost daily. I probably will… until this kid poops everyday on the potty by himself or when he grows out of potty talk, and since I have a boy, we could be quoting Kate indefinitely.

Gavin says, “Mommy I have a pain in my belly.” My response, “Remember in All About Poop how your food goes through your belly, that’s what’s happening.”

Me to Gavin as he’s sitting on the potty, “Did you hear a “Plop Ploop” yet?” Gavin: “Ahh nope!”

Gavin: “Mom, can we borrow that cute doggie?”

Gavin: “Mommy, your poop looks just like this one!” As he points to the page with dozens of illustrations of poop in all shapes and sizes.

Gavin: “Mommy, you look like toilet bowl stew.” Me: “Awesome.”

I know many people don’t really want to talk about poop, but when you have a child who is  potty training it’s inevitable. All About Poop is a great way for kids to learn to identify with the entire process and it’s more than a book, it’s honestly one of the best potty training resources I could find.

Head over to Pinwheel Books to order your copy, and be on the lookout for the new All About Poop app.

I was provided with a free copy of All About Poop for free for this review. The opinions are my own.

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