Automoblox Toy Vehicles Review & Giveaway

Automoblox flatbed


My husband attends Toy Fair with me, and often times when we can, we split up to cover more ground. It’s the most overwhelming event I’ve ever attended and sometimes a second pair of eyes to help find the unsung heroes is really helpful.

So while Derek and I were visiting different booths  this year, I got an emergency text to head to  Automoblox. Having a 4-year-old, vehicle obsessed little boy, I knew these would be a huge hit with Gavin.

Automoblox are wooden vehicles with interchangeable parts. So children can remove the wheels, tires, roof, and people. If they have more than one car, they can transfer the parts of one vehicle to another to customize and create a vehicle to their specifications.

I love well-made products with an amazing attention to detail. The “people” are actually pegs with different shapes on the bottom including circle, squares, triangles and stars. The child has to rotate the piece within their fingertips into the pegboard. While they do require a fair amount of strength and planning to manipulate the pieces, our son has taken them apart and put them together for hours.

The best way to show you is to let Gavin demonstrate how they work in this video:

Though these vehicles are slightly more expensive than the average toy, they are worth every penny. Each car includes a  unique serial number. The larger firetruck, flatbed truck and dump truck are new this year, and they would make an unbelievable Christmas gift.



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Automoblox provided samples free to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own.

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