BabbaBox from BabbaCo at Barefoot Books

Gavin painting a maraca from the March themed BabbaBox at Barefoot Books.
Gavin painting a maraca from the March themed BabbaBox at Barefoot Books.

Last summer I had the pleasure of reviewing the BabbaBox from BabbaCo, a subscription based, themed arts and crafts kit, designed to bring families together completing activities and through careful preparation, taking away some of the stress and chaos of planning an activity, then having to retrieve all the necessary items.

This weekend, at a blogger event held at one of my favorite local bookstores, Barefoot Books in picturesque, historical Concord, MA, BabbaCo made it possible for our families and children to get together and create some of the activities that are available in the March BabbaBox, themed “Shake It Up.” This particular kit includes ways for kids to paint their own maracas with watercolors, string bells onto a tambourine that can be personalized, read the popular book from Barefoot Books, Animal Boogie, that gets kids up movin’ and groovin’. Though I personally didn’t experience them at the event, the kit includes additional coloring pages, a scarf great for dancing, and a code for an iPad/iPhone app that can be redeemed.

Another local venture, UrbanSitter, also provided babysitters at the event, to help keep the kids engaged and entertained, while the adults got to have a little time with Jessica Kim, the founder of the BabbaBox.

On my 4 trips to Toy Fair, I’ve met many founders of toy companies and inventors. No matter what the product is, there is nothing more amazing then to meet the people behind the concept. Many of us connect on-line with strangers through social media, but it’s sort of like reading a book. Until you meet people face-to-face, it’s a completely different experience that, when done right, can leave a lasting impression.

Jessica Kim is first and foremost a mother, just like the rest of us, with a passion. Many people blog about our individual passions whether it be toys, books, parenting, life or whatever strikes a chord on any given day. Jessica spoke briefly about her wake-up call with her mother’s diagnosis of cancer and frustration as a mom, that at the end of the day, she didn’t feel that she was spending enough time doing things WITH her family. She sums up her frustration buying arts and crafts supplies, which is another driving force behind the concept of the BabbaBox with this one quote, “I didn’t need 500 googly eyes, I just needed 2.” Attention to small details is what makes Jessica unique, she spent the time to know each and everyone of us, writing personalized “Thank You” cards to us for attending, something I’ve never experienced in 3 1/2 years of attending brand-sponsored events and activities.

One of the main points I felt was important when reviewing the BabbaBox is that, there are times when you buy presents for multiple children and it can seem financially daunting. So gifting a subscription service, such as this one, can be a win-win for everyone. Use the code BOSTONMOM to get $10 off the first month, or a monthly membership.

We attended the event at no-cost and were able to experience many of the activities present in the March BabbaBox. We received a sneak peek at some of the activities of the April BabbaBox, “Backyard Birdies.” We also received a book complimentary from Barefoot Books to take home and read as a family. No other compensation was received for the purpose of review.

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