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So for 2012, what are the best children’s toys? For those of you who don’t know, I also write as the Toys Guide at Aside from here on where these days I try to highlight unique experiences and products that have been fun, exciting and developmentally stimulating to my family and the children I work with, at I write about all things toy related and have a much broader focus and wider net to cast.

Given that the bulk of my writing has been for that site lately, I figured I share those links here as well.  I can’t ever seem to put the OT or parent in me aside, so toys that are cost-effective, can provide entertainment value and are durable enough to be passed from one sibling to another, are always criteria I keep in mind when selecting items for each list.

  1. Best Toys for Kids – This list houses all of the links below, and even more lists that feature toys based on interest and age, please share it, pin it, and bookmark it, it’s a great resource.
  2. Most Popular Toys – Looking for the LeapPad, Doc McStuffins toys, American Girl Dolls? This list has all my picks for the most popular toys for kids ages 5 and up
  3. LeapPad or InnoTab? – Many parents are trying to decide between the LeapFrog LeapPad or the VTech InnoTab, this includes reviews and links to help make a choice perfect for your child’s developmental and interest level
  4. Best Infant Toys – toys for kids newborn to 1 year
  5. Toddler Toys– toys for Kids 1-3
  6. Preschool Toys– toys for Kids 3-4
  7. Toys for Tweens– toys and gifts for kids ages 8 and up
  8. Tablet Toys– android tablets and learning devices made especially for kids
  9. Family Games– board games, iPad games, collectible toy games and games inspired popular apps
  10. Toys Under $10– best toys that are fun, but inexpensive
  11. Dolls– baby dolls, American Girl dolls, and fashion dolls like LaDeeDa, Winx Club, and Barbie
  12. Ride-On Toys, Scooters & Bikes– outdoor play ideas for kids of all ages
  13. Teenager Toys– don’t want to buy another gift card these are games and activities that teens will love

Many of the toys included in these lists were provided by the manufacturers for free to facilitate my reviews. Any opinions included are my own.

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  1. Check our list of children toys at Wowkart, an online toy store for babies!

  2. I love reviewing toys – I have 3 kids (boys and a girl) and so many toys are released each year and some are stinkers, so it’s important that we really know as consumer what’s worthy and what’s a waste.

  3. I have to say that I think that the Leappad or more recently the Leappad 2 from leapfrog is the best educational tool out there.
    My first two have the original tablet while number 3 has the new version. Both are very good at what they do although the newer ones additional features mean that there is usually a squabble over it.

    I really do believe that it’s features and the programs available for it have helped with the development of my kids literacy and math skills in conjunction with my own efforts that is.


    • I agree Jessica! We shouldn’t stop doing what we can do in real life situations to teach these types of skills, but isn’t it amazing to see children so motivated to learn when they can have such fun doing it?!? Devices like the LeapPad2 are certainly great accessories to help with the learning process, but not replacements for sure. Thanks for the comment!

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