Best Music for Kids: Rock-A-Baby


I know lots of parents who aren’t really into children’s music and they’ve actually admitted they refuse to put kids music on in the car. I often wonder why and maybe it’s that they think all children’s music sounds like Barney? We are fan favorites of Laurie Berkner, Rabbitt, Raffi and now, Rock-A-Baby.  I’ll say it loud and proud, we are always on the lookout for the best music for kids. Though it’s cute when I see my son singing along with Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen, in my opinion he’ll have the rest of his life singing about the woes of love.

Rock-A-Baby is an interactive music program for kids, where in Rhode Island,  Massachusetts and in New York City, families can sign up for an actual music class. Kids sing, dance and interact with the puppets, Rhythm, Harmony and Melody. Though I’ve never been to a class, we were provided with a CD to listen to, and a book to read together that features their unique songs.

While sitting in traffic in New York City, we rocked it out with Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. If I had to describe the music I’d say it’s “theatrical muppet rock.” The lyrics are definitely geared for children, but at first listen you wouldn’t know it’s children’s music, and that’s what I love about it. The songs are definitely catchy and aside from just playing this in the car, I can see kids seated in preschool circle times throughout the entire nation singing along with their peers to Clap Your Hands or The Hello Song.

What type of music do you prefer to listen to with your kids?

Rock-A-Baby provided me with a CD and book free to facilitate this review.

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  1. As a school speech therapist, I know music plays an important role in language development. Rhythm, rhyme, tempo, intonation, timing and word play are all part of music. We can tell when kids don’t have experience with music. Exposure to music enhances language development. Music is comforting. Listening to different types of music will expose kids to different moods I guess you could call it.

    Yeah listening to Thomas the Tank Engine over and over on a 700 mile road trip was a bit much to take, When kids crave that they either need it for comfort or are looking for a reaction from you. Listening over and over to a song may help the child develop memory skills and even vocabulary. So don’t be selfish, buy the kid music and give it a try.

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