Keri purchased Cariboo and Hullabaloo for my children and they love the games. Hullabaloo is action packed. They jump, spin, twirl, and hop (great for rainy or snowy days), while learning colors, shapes, and how to follow directions. My two oldest kids are 3 years apart and it is something they still love to play together. My children always look forward to the next toy that Keri will show up with. Little do they know that she is actually teaching them through play!
My son was deathly afraid of haircuts when he was little. Keri gave me a Fisher Price toy razor with “whiskers” in it for my son to use on himself. The next time we went for a haircut he brought his “razor” with him and it was much better. Who would of thought of something so simple? Keri thinks outside the box, and it is very often a little adjustment that can make a huge impact. Thank goodness she is only a phone call away! Her expertise in pediatric development from an occupational therapy standpoint has come in handy numerous times over the last six years…and counting.

-Kristine – mother of a 6 year old boy, and two girls ages 3 and 1

Keriann Wilmot is indeed the Toy Queen! Keri consistently surprises my son by tweaking traditional toys and games. Not only is it great for his development…it also gives us the opportunity to customize his experience, all while keeping it fun and interesting – an amazing feat! Her passion for toys and games is evidenced by how well she knows how to play them but also how well she can adapt them to meet additional needs. I totally appreciate hearing how the toys can be played with, it enhances my ability to incorporate them at home. She’s the most “fun” grown-up that my son knows…

-Kris, mother of 6 year old boy

Dear Toy Queen,
Thank you so much for your review of the Cranium Hullabaloo toy! I just bought it for my 3 year old and he loves it. It has been instrumental in helping him learn to FOLLOW directions. Now I will look to your website before I do ANY toy shopping for your expert advice. THANK YOU TOY QUEEN!

-Laura, mother to a 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl

Being a busy mother of three young girls (including twins!), it can be an overwhelming experience to enter a toy store and find useful and educational toys when time is limited. Since my children were born, I have sought advice from Keri during each developmental stage of their lives, especially regarding the purchasing of toys they will enjoy, but that will also enhance their learning. When friends come over for playdates, they often comment or ask where we’ve found a particular toy and often it happens to be a toy that Keri has recommended!

– Sam, mother of three girls, including a 4 year old and 2 year old twins

Keriann came to the rescue when Early Intervention couldn’t come for 6 weeks to evaluate my son. She had great, simple ideas and strategies using toys I had in my house. Her best suggestion was the Leap Frog fridge magnets. We started with the farm animals and have now moved on to working with letters and sounds!

-Lynn, mother to a 3 year old boy