BlogHer 2012

Last year I made my first trip to BlogHer in San Diego. This year I had a very short trip to BlogHer 2012 in New York City. My brother got married that weekend, so I literally went to BlogHer for the day, before it had even really even begun.

McDonald’s did pretty much one of the best marketing strategies ever. They provided free transportation to and from New York for several Boston area bloggers. We got a chance to connect and network with bloggers from our area during the 5 hour trip, while we also bonded  at a rest stop on the Mass Pike over Egg McMuffins, oatmeal, strawberry lemonade drinks and coffee.  On board was the director of Social Media for McDonald’s corporate, a head chef and a PR representative. We got a chance to hear about McDonald’s commitment to selling items under 400 calories, their quest to include quality ingredients in the new foods on their menu, as well as the efforts they take by packaging up allergens like small nuts, to reduce any cross contamination. I was pretty vocal about how much I like their new bakery items, especially the blueberry muffin, and for $1, their medium ice coffee promotion can’t be beat if you ask me. Considering they had a captive audience, I think they were really respectful of our time. Not sure what was the highlight of the trip, my husband texted me asking if the bus had “Free Wi-Fry” or opening my swag bag that had a McDonald’s Snuggie.

We arrived at BlogHer in time to hear President Barack Obama speak to the hundreds if not thousands of bloggers in attendance. if you are interested, head over to my friend Pilar Clark’s website (OneMomMedia), she got the whole address on video. I’ve voted both Republican and Democrat in various elections, and I continue to be undecided. Though I did like some of his comments, it is an election year after all, and was a smart political move.  Where else can you appeal to 4,000 members of the media at one time? President Obama mentioned some of the great concepts around ObamaCare. But don’t get me started on the state of our healthcare, until we have healthcare similar to some foreign countries, where I can work anywhere I want, and still have access to a decent health insurance plan, I won’t be happy. I want my healthcare deductions taken out of my taxes and not dependent on an employer. That’s the candidate I’m holding out for.

So after that I was off to the expo hall. I hung out for awhile with the representatives at the Zemanta booth. I think they had one of the most useful products in the expo hall, a FREE website plug-in that aims to make blogging more efficient and easier by offering tag suggestions, links to additional content and access to relevant imagery.

Given that I was only there for Thursday night, I flew through the Expo Hall. San Diego’s was much better if you ask me. Maybe I had more time, but the displays and booths in San Diego were much grander, for sure.

Then off I went to the Sweet Suite Party to hang out with my toy peeps so I could wrap my head around which direction to take my holiday content. I walked to Grand Central carrying 5 heavy bags and eating my beloved Pinkberry Ice cream.

Did you venture to BlogHer this year? Will you go to BlogHer 2013 in Chicago? What brands impressed you during your BlogHer trip?

Photo of me was taken courtesy of the Samsung booth, with the Samsung Smart Camera NX1000, which can email pictures.

McDonald’s provided free transportation and food. Zemanta helped subsidize the cost of my pass for the day I was at BlogHer. Pilar Clark, The VTech Mom and of OneMomMedia is just about the funniest person I’ve ever met.


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