How To Build a Lemonade Stand for Kids With Antsy Pants Playhouse Kits


Boy_lemonade_standHave the kids ever begged you to build a lemonade stand? Every single time our family has entered a home improvement or arts and crafts store, my son would make a comment about the materials he would need to build a lemonade stand. So, like us, if you ever wondered, here’s how you build a lemonade stand for kids. It’s much easier than you think. Building a lemonade stand like this takes less than 30 minutes and involves family friendly materials with easy to read instructions for kids!

When Antsy Pants contacted us about reviewing their build kits and sent the lemonade stand for us to try, I knew it was going to be an immediate hit.

Antsy Pants Lemonade StandAntsy Pants sets are construction kits with large pieces that include a variety of rods and connectors. After following the pictures and step-by-step instructions, you will have one of many items that can be built from the kit, which includes play houses, circus tents, fairy tale castles, a ball pit, or anything a child or an adult can dream!

In addition to the build kits, there are fabric accessory sets. These durable cloth coverings enhance the build.

Using the build kit, we followed the instructions to make the stand, then attached the lemonade stand covering.

In less than 45 minutes, my son, also known as StormTrooper Gavin, was out on the road selling lemonade in 90 degree Texas weather. We did need to stabilize the stand a bit, since it was rather windy. Be careful with the included shelf. It is lightweight cardboard and will not hold a lot of weight, so definitely make sure heavy items are secure. We added some velcro on the top of the stand, to securely attach the fabric awning to the crossbar, so that the covering remained secure in the wind.

Within a few hours Stormtrooper Gavin had made $12, and this lemonade stand definitely had the neighbors talking. Given the bright colors, it was easy to notice. Despite really warm weather it was enough to lure neighbors out into the street away from their air conditioning to check it out.

This StormTrooper is turning lemons into Lemonade #starwars #stormtroopergavin #entrepreneur #thelastjedi

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The kids in the neighborhood are making plans together to expand their business ventures, and want to have a lemonade stand regularly.

In order to construct these Antsy Pants sets, kids may need some help from an adult. My 7 1/2 year old was able to build 75% of the stand on his own.

Can’t wait? You can buy the Antsy Pants medium build kit at Target (affiliate link). The medium build kit makes a play house, circus tent, fairy tale castle or you can create your own structures.Then, make sure to also buy Antsy Pantsy Fabric Lemonade Stand cover at Target, too. 



Not sure if you are in the market for a lemonade stand of your own, but think it’s a great idea?

Thanks to Antsy Pants, we have a lemonade stand to give away! is giving away a small build kit, plus a lemonade stand fabric cover, to one lucky winner in the United States. Retail value is $50. Winner chosen must respond by email within 24 hours. Giveaway fulfilled by the brand.

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Disclosure: I was provided with a build kit and lemonade accessory kit for the purpose of this review. Any opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which may provide a small amount of revenue to this site at no additional cost to you.

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    Thank you for the giveaway!

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