Angry Birds Star Wars Toys (Giveaway)

Spend 10 minutes with boys in the 5-10 year-old age range, if they aren’t wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt, within that timeframe it won’t be hard to engage any of them in detailed conversation about their obsession with the Angry Birds apps, toys and the latest addition to the flighty destructive bunch, Angry Birds Star […]

Free PBS Kids Games

I started blogging on this website at the suggestion of my husband, who saw my passion for sharing unique toys, products and experiences with clients and friends. There are some days when I meet with people, or hear about initiatives that are completely in-line with my passion as an educator, and I absolutely can’t wait […]

What’s the Best Video Streaming Service for Families? Netflix vs. Hulu Plus

With the iPad, iPhone, Wii, Xbox 360 and televisions that connect to the internet, video streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix are increasingly popular family entertainment options, available for a monthly subscription fee. Here are my experiences to help you decide, if you are looking for the best video streaming service for your family. […]

Teaching Kids to Write With Kids Writing Apps

Everyday as an occupational therapist I’m teaching kids to write letters, numbers and draw pictures.  For most of the children I work with who are challenged by how they hold a pencil, or the ability to pay attention, it’s a daunting task, often met with refusal, especially when I hand over the dreaded pencil and […]

My Love Letter to Daniel Tigers Neighborhood

Gavin is watching more television than I’d like to admit these days, but I try my best to preview what he watches and make sure that it’s educational programming, these days anything PBS Kids or Disney Junior is fair game. He’s been fans of a variety of shows over the last year, most recently Doc […]

All About Poop is the Best Potty Training Book

If you follow my Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed the dozens of links and comments about this new children’s book by a fellow blogger and friend, Kate Hayes, called All About Poop. We live about 15 minutes away from each other in the real world, but I first really got to know Kate at BlogHer […]

Hotel Tonight App for Last Minute Hotel Reservations

Have you ever tried to make last minute hotel reservations through Priceline or other websites like Kayak or Room Key? A few weeks ago we took a trip to New York City and I diligently researched the rates on Kayak and Room Key. I even tried twice to score a cheap hotel room on Priceline, […]

Dealing with Tantrums over iPad and iPhone with Toddlers

The iPhone, iPad and Apple computer have revolutionized my life. So much so I even wrote a post about  Steve Jobs the day he died on how much this forward thinking individual has done for individuals and the special needs community with these devices and innovative technology. I can’t imagine my life without them and […]

BabbaCo – Educational Crafts for Kids

Being a full-time working mother, there unfortunately is not a lot of time spent in our day doing arts and crafts or themed based activities. What I mean by a themed based activity, are games and projects similar to a curriculum you might find at a preschool or daycare that include several different activities that […]

Lifeproof iPhone Case Review

As a multi-tasking adult, my iPhone 4S is the biggest and most expensive toy that I have. Given that I have a 2-year-old and work with kids throughout the school day, often handing over my iPhone to access educational apps, many parents have cringed as I have freely passed over this expensive device without any […]

An Educational App for Preschoolers: Dr. Panda, Teach Me!

These days it never ceases to amaze me how quickly my 2-year-old navigates our iPad 2. We’ve created a folder for him with all of the apps appropriate for his age, and he can already flip through multiple pages to locate it. I also can’t believe how “in-tune” he is to the icons on the […]

LeapPad Learning System

Many of you know that I also write as the Toys Guide at, where I also complete a variety of toy reviews and create articles on more popular toy trends. I just finished writing up an extensive review of the popular LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer, a tablet for kids that includes educational software that encourages […]

Game of Life zAPPed Edition

This year at Toy Fair we noticed an unbelievable amount of games that are going to be brought to market  that involve apps for use on the iPhone or iPad. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Hasbro is one of the dominators in the family game market, so I don’t know why […]

New Hasbro Games for Family Game Night

If you ask me, Hasbro dominates in the family games market. Here are some of their newest games ready to launch in 2012, that are must-haves for your family game night! Not only is Hasbro the fabulous creater of board games and family games, this year, they have taken their game play to a whole […]

A Present For Milo, A Great iPad App for Kids

Before Gavin and I head to bed each night, I try to always include some type of story, whether it be an actual book or lately, we’ve even been enjoying some iPad apps together. Some people are pretty opinionated about whether a toddler should be using an iPad, and along with my “anything in moderation” […]

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