Meet Chomp Stix: Training Chopsticks for Kids

When I was wandering the aisles of Toy Fair one of the most exciting “toys” I found were Chomp Stix. Chomp Stix are 3 different types of training chopsticks for kids. Aside from the obvious, that they are a fun alternative to a fork, there are other reasons why items like Chomp Stix, aside from […]

Frustration Free Way for Kids to Sign Every Card!

This past week at school I made “friendship cards” with my students so they could practice the art form of writing their names legibly and in those teeny tiny spaces before we handed them out to friends and teachers. As an OT I really value children being able to write their name by themselves, legibly. […]

Best Kid’s Apps

Over the past few years I’ve reviewed some really awesome iPad and iPhone apps for kids. I thought I’d compile them into a list so you could find them all in the same location. Feel free to add your favorite app in the comment section if you don’t see it listed here! I would appreciate […]

Family Doodle Book Review & Giveaway

Traveling from school to school working with children of all ages on writing and drawing, there are a few invaluable resources that have permanent homes inside my work bag. The Family Doodle Book is one of the latest. If you have a child who struggles to write,  homework and those dreaded “open responses” that are […]

Worx Toys Space Shuttle Review

Disclosure: I was provided with a Worx Toys space shuttle for the purpose of this review, any opinions are my own. When I first brought the Worx Toys rocket ship into school, just seeing it on the table, I heard a lot of amazed responses from students that included, “Wow!” “THAT is so cool!” At […]

How To Recycle Markers with Crayola Colorcycle Marker Program

Teachers if you are creating your classroom job list for the school year, make sure to add an empty marker collection bin in the classroom, because the “Recycler” job will have some new duties! The Crayola Color Cycle marker program will teach children all about how to recycle markers. Every year children head back to […]

A Pegboard for Kids is a Great Fine Motor Skill Activity (Giveaway)

International Playthings provided the Quercetti Fantacolor Aquarium pegboard for kids, free, in order to facilitate this review and giveaway. Any opinions are my own. You might be wondering why a pegboard designed for kids is such a great fine motor skill activity? As a parent all you may be anticipating are hundreds of little pieces […]

Skylanders Giants Printables & Writing Materials (Giveaway)

Disclosure: Activision is providing a winner from a Skylanders Giants Thump Back toy. I did not receive any compensation for this post and any additional opinions are my own. I sit in meetings all day long with teachers and parents who struggle to get children to initiate and enjoy writing activities. As we often […]

Disney Planes Printables

At Toy Fair this year, I heard about a new movie release from Disney, Planes, a 3D feature that will hit movie theaters on August 9th, 2013.  The premise of the movie includes Dusty (the voice of Dane Cook) who wants to be a high-flying racer, who also happens to be afraid of heights. At […]

Fun Easter Game for Kids

Preschool and Kindergarten aged children are building strength, control and coordination in their fingertips, which they will need in order to hold a pencil and pair of scissors correctly with their thumb, index and middle fingers. Aside from coordination and strength, this age group is learning to match colors and sequence patterns. A fun way […]

Easter Egg Hunt Game Ideas

The Easter season is here! Hiding those plastic eggs with small candy inside both indoors and out, is such a nostalgic past time. Though these days not everyone wants to give their children unnecessary candy, or “break the bank” hiding money inside either, and as kids get older there are different ways to customize the […]

Teaching Kids to Write With Kids Writing Apps

Everyday as an occupational therapist I’m teaching kids to write letters, numbers and draw pictures.  For most of the children I work with who are challenged by how they hold a pencil, or the ability to pay attention, it’s a daunting task, often met with refusal, especially when I hand over the dreaded pencil and […]

Wet Ones Sticky Situation (Contest)

As the mother of a 3-year-old and an occupational therapist working with children throughout the day on lots of arts and crafts projects, I’ve quickly learned to manage the mess by using either Crayola Color Wonder markers and crayons that only mark on the special paper included, or simply purchasing washable markers and crayons. Using […]

3D MagnaColor Review (Giveaway)

Usually around February we hear about the new toys and products that will be released in the upcoming year. I plan lots of editorial around what’s coming. However, every year there seems  to be a toy or product that ends up on my door step, completely unannounced, which amazes me how something so cool was […]

Step2 All Around Art Easel For Kids

Being an occupational therapist, art easels for kids are a popular recommendation. But why? Not only do they provide a place for kids to be creative, and explore all sorts of messy art mediums like chalk, paint, markers, and crayons, there is something really special about the design of an easel that helps promote certain […]

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