Hanna Andersson Coupon and Back to School Finds

When Hanna Andersson asked if we’d like to do some in-store back to school shopping and in addition share a 15% off Hanna Andersson coupon for you, I couldn’t wait! Gavin is going to Kindergarten! When I started ToyQueen.com, it was months before I even knew I was pregnant. Although the 3 years of preschool certainly seemed […]

Kinetic Sand Sales Raise Money for Autism Speaks

When I was asked by Spinmaster to share a few words about how much I love Kinetic Sand, it wasn’t hard. As an occupational therapist, I use this amazing product almost every day I work with children in the school system. Kids beg me to use it, and not only is it an amazing incentive and […]

Celebrate St. Patricks Day With Kinetic Sand

One of the best ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with kids is to play with Kinetic Sand. In full disclosure,  I received Kinetic Sand free, to facilitate this post. Kinetic Sand was also extremely generous, providing enough green and gold glitter sand to donate to my son’s entire preschool class for their St. Patrick’s Day […]

Best Baby Bouncer for Traveling Families (Giveaway)

When Gavin was born, he was 4 weeks old at Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. I was determined I wouldn’t let an infant stop us from going to holiday parties and visiting family in both Massachusetts and Connecticut because I knew once he was older and more opinionated, then it would be […]

Senseez Vibrating Seat Cushion for Kids

Those of you with fidgety kids know how annoying it is during mealtimes and homework watching your child fall off their chair, rock back in their chair, or stand on their chair. Some kids are really challenged to remain sitting, so one of the strategies we frequently recommend to parents and teachers for home and […]

The Mandala Coloring Book Review & Giveaway

As a school system professional, I never could have imagined that when I decided to become an occupational therapist, that I could potentially be put in a situation of risking my life helping students while working in the school system. With all of the recent school shootings and the murder of a Danvers High School […]

Soft, Foam Blocks from Soft Blocks Are Great Fidget Toys

Disclosure: I received a sample of these soft, foam blocks from Soft Blocks. Any opinions are my own. For the past few weeks, I’ve found so many great uses for these squishy foam blocks. These blocks are made from the same material that you might have in your favorite stress ball. However, what a stress […]

Night Lights for Kids Rooms

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample of one of these night lights for kids to facilitate this post. Any opinions are my own. When Gavin was born I had a nightlight in the hallway so I could stumble into his room to feed or change him. During these timeframes we kept the stimulation very […]

Play Sånd from Brookstone

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample of play Sånd from Brookstone to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own. Part of  childhood these days is engaging in sensory activities or experiences using sand, water, rice, play-doh, paint, and shaving cream. Most preschool and Kindergarten classrooms have sensory bins or tables that on any […]

Temper Tantrums at Bedtime and the Reward Chart Secret Weapon

How is that my once sweet, lovable infant who went to bed so easily when I put him down and walked away has morphed into this tantrumming toddler, screaming at the top of his lungs who bangs the walls, shut doors in my face, then trashes his room by dumping all the books from his […]

Fabulous Kids Alarm Clock

This fabulous kids alarm clock called the Teach Me Time! Clock from Onaroo by American Innovative, is more than just any ordinary alarm clock. Aside from having a face that shows time the digital way, it also shows analog time, which is the traditional moving hands of the clock. This is such a great feature for […]

How To Get Rid of the Pacifier…

Even before Gavin was born, I knew I wanted him to have a pacifier, despite many people’s contradictory opinions. Working with children who have self-regulation difficulties, or kids for some reason or another who haven’t learned to soothe themselves when they are upset, I was determined to find something for him that would help him […]

Squishable, Stuffed Animals!

Our pufferfish, squishable stuffed animal, has a permanent home on our couch. Pufferfish doesn’t match any of the decor in the living room, but this 15 inch, plush stuffed animal, is a people magnet. Honestly, anyone, including both kids and full fledged grown adults who have entered our living room over the last few weeks […]

Fidget Toys Help With Learning

You might be thinking what exactly is a fidget toy? If you are like me and you have a very dynamic job where you don’t sit on one spot for very  long, then a few times per year you are required to attend lectures and conferences where you need to sit still, it can certainly […]

Barefoot Books and Folkmanis Puppets are a great duo!

I have given many a shout out to Barefoot Books over the past few months because they are a fabulous book and publishing company with a brick and mortar store located near us in Concord, MA. However, all of their books are available for purchase online and I strongly urge you to check out their […]

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