Meet Chomp Stix: Training Chopsticks for Kids

Chomp StixWhen I was wandering the aisles of Toy Fair one of the most exciting “toys” I found were Chomp Stix.

Chomp Stix are 3 different types of training chopsticks for kids. Aside from the obvious, that they are a fun alternative to a fork, there are other reasons why items like Chomp Stix, aside from mealtimes,  can make a great addition to games and arts and crafts activities for kids.

Chomp Stix include 3 different varieties, pictured from left to right, Al, Chum and Teri. Chomp Stix are “made from FDA approved polypropylene, these utensils are durable, long lasting, and dishwasher safe.”

Young school-age children are learning to hold a pencil with their thumb, index and middle fingers. What many don’t realize is that using tweezers and tongs like Chomp Stix can help promote finger strength and coordination, the same skills that are required for a developing pencil grasp pattern for handwriting.

Each Chomp Stix is slightly different and great for different types of activities. Chum the blue shark has fins that may help children position their fingers appropriately. I think Al the green alligator is the easiest to use when eating. Teri is the hardest to use, certainly requiring the most control, precision and accuracy.

Aside from my son using Chomp Stix during meals for bite-sized pieces of chicken nuggets, pizza and peas, here are some fun way’s I’ve utilized Chomp Stix to promote fine motor skills:

  • With board games that include small pieces and dice like Monopoly Junior, instead of using our hands we used the Chomp Stix to roll the dice
  • One of my student’s favorite activities was using the Chomp Stix to place and remove cotton balls in and out of a large, clear recycled coffee creamer container to make a “snowman.”

Chomp Stix provided these items free to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own.

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