Create a Monster HD iPad App Review & Giveaway, but you must act quickly!

Though many children often go through a fear of monsters, it seems that very quickly, at least little boys, all of a sudden get really giddy about blood, yuck, slime and silliness that monsters bring to their pretend play fantasies.

The Create a Monster HD iPad app geared for children ages 4 and up, encourages kids to design and create their own unique monsters, and after a short tutorial is very easy to use.

First, an outline of the monster is chosen, double tapped to be inserted into the screen, and the color of the monster can be customized. Along the bottom tool bar, once the next feature to be included  in the design is tapped, dozens of ideas will pop up, allowing kids to customize their person that with all sorts of silly eyes, noses, mouth, ears, glasses, hair, scars, horns, teeth, lips, fangs, clothing, and jewelry. There are resizing tools in the app that will allow features to be rotated, duplicated and made both larger and smaller. If you place an eye on one side of the head, by tapping a button at the top, it will make the same body part appear on the exact opposite side of the monster to make the features equal in size.

This app allows the monsters to be printed out, as well as saved in the iPhoto library, emailed, or posted to Twitter and Facebook.

Though it took a few minutes to get acquainted with the app before I was emailing out monsters like crazy to my husband, there is a tutorial available in the app to help with further instruction.

Here are some other great ways to use this app:

– Got a kid with a fear of the dark? Design a new monster complete with all sorts of super powers to fend off the fears.

– Want to get your kids in the habit of enjoying some new and different writing topics, have them create their own monster and encourage them, depending on their age, to write down a few simple words or short sentences describing the feature, name or journey of the monster.

– Want to play a game? Design a few different monsters, print them out, and give them to your children to see if they can figure out the steps to make theirs look just like yours in a certain timeframe.

– Does your child (like me!), not have great drawing skills? Use tools like this to help design monster pictures that can be printed on the computer, cut out and pasted to paper to create larger scenes.

– Use these larger scenes as as the basis for some writing scenarios. Many kids will procrastinate and often struggle with writing about topics that are not interesting or motivating to them. Find what they like and use these topics to build confidence in writing.

Want this app for your iPad and your family’s enjoyment? Quick, head over to the ToyQueen Fan Page on Facebook and the first five people to post their favorite monster on the ToyQueen Facebook wall, will win a free promo code! Not one of the first five? During Labor Day Weekend 2011 (September 1-6), you can purchase this app on sale for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Just Fun provided this app and 5 free promotional codes for review and giveaway purposes. The opinions are my own.

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