CVS MinuteClinic Promotes Back-to-School Health and Wellness

7 Tips to Go Back to School HealthyDisclosure: This is a sponsored post discussing how CVS MinuteClinic promotes back-to-school health and wellness. While I am receiving compensation, any personal thoughts portrayed within this post are my own. Information provided by CVS MinuteClinic is clearly stated as such.

As many of us have finally just settled into our summer routines, back-to-school ads and sales are being promoted in full-swing. I recently saw a feature on the news that the average family spends about $600 on back to school supplies for children ages Kindergarten through 12th grade between apparel, accessories and technology. Yikes!

As a school system employee, during the summer months I purchase lots of supplies that include glue sticks, mechanical pencils, hand sanitizer, tissues and antibacterial wipes. While I personally find it so easy to get consumed by the purchasing of actual supplies and clothing, I always personally try to find the time to schedule health related appointments such as a physical and an eye examination for myself, my husband and my son.

I understand sometimes how immunizations  can be a touchy subject for a lot of people, but as a school system employee, a wife and a mother, germs spread and they spread fast. During the winter months I walk by dozens of students per week in the nurse’s office who are visibly sick.  Please have a discussion with your child’s health care professionals and providers, learn about immunizations and devise a vaccination schedule that works for your family. You are not only protecting your child, but you are also helping the safety and health of those of us who spend our days educating your children as well as the well being of our own friends and families.  

I was able to participate in the CVS Minute Clinic Back to School #GoBackHealthy Twitter party and wanted to share with you some of the helpful tips and services CVS MinuteClinic can offer your family:

  • MinuteClinic offers a variety of back-to-school vaccinations so that your kids don’t miss their first day. It is important to know your state’s requirements for vaccinations such as meningitis and pertussis. (To find out which vaccinations are required in your area, visit:
  • MinuteClinic also offers pre-participation sports physicals for just $39 (that’s $20 off!). Even if it’s not required, it’s important to make sure your little ones are healthy & safe to participate, visit for more information.
  • Kids leaving home for college? Make sure they start off on the right (and healthy!) foot with  college physicals: (
  • MinuteClinic is also offering a FREE $22 coupon book when you visit. (No purchase necessary. Available while supplies last through 12/1/14.)

Some facts shared by CVS MinuteClinic during the Twitter party included:

  • Parents should purchase a small backpack with padded straps and a padded back. Children should wear their backpack over both shoulders,  and make sure that children are not carrying more than 15% of their body weight.
  • Providing healthy snacks with portion control when packing a child’s lunchbox for school is important
  • Got acne? No need to worry, MinuteClinic also provides acne services

What are your back to school tips to promote the health and wellness of your family?

Disclosure: I have received promotional consideration from MinuteClinic.

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