Gender Neutral Toys Panel on Huffington Post LIVE

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Sometimes in the media world things happen quickly. At 4:00 p.m. one afternoon I received an email asking if I wanted to be part of a panel for the Huffington Post on a segment regarding gender neutral toys. By 9:20 p.m., myself and 3 other panelists were talking online, live, from a Google hangout on our thoughts about gender neutral toys.

About 1 year and 1/2 ago I ventured out to Target and posted a major rant about how annoyed I was there were only pink role play toys (housecleaning kits and pots and pans) available in the entire store. So believe me, this is something I was ready to discuss!

We chatted about perceptions of older generations watching young children playing with various toys and commenting negatively and I shared Gavin’s new found love for my purse, shoes, and Doc McStuffins. Should toys be manufactured specifically for boys or girls? Do you let your kids play with toys or watch tv shows that are developed for the opposite gender (boys playing with baby dolls or watching girly shows like Angelina Ballerina), and when does gender biasing start with toys and baby products?
Feel free to click on the link to the Huffington Post to watch the segment, Toymakers Should Create Gender Neutral Toys and let me know what you think! The segment in it’s entirety is about  20 minutes long.
I appeared on Huffington Post LIVE and was not compensated for my time. My opinions are my own.


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