Meet the Best Alarm Clock for Kids!

Big Red Rooster Alarm ClocksAt the beginning of the school year, parents think mainly about pencils, paper, binders, backpacks and all of the day-to-day teacher recommended supplies and gear that needs to be bought.

Buying an alarm clock didn’t even cross my mind until after a week of climbing the staircase to be my son’s personal alarm clock, I thought it might be a good idea when my almost 7-year-old asked for an iPhone “so he could have his own alarm clock.”

Well that clearly wasn’t going to happen!

I headed to the store and found a standard, plug-in alarm clock for about $10. While it certainly got the job done, it was not very kid-friendly. The plug-in cord limited the location of the clock in the room, and since my son happens to sleep in a platform bunk bed, he needed to get out of bed to turn it off, by a switch on the back of it. We’d always forget to set it at night, so I was back to being the Mama clock. However, on the days that that we did set it, having an alarm clock eliminated so much stress. It saved me a trip to his room and the odds were far greater that he would actually get up on his own and get dressed!

Let me introduce you to the best alarm clocks for kids, by The Big Red Rooster. These kid-friendly alarm clocks operate on 3 “C” batteries and for those kids who take time to fall asleep,  it is a great addition to include in a child’s bedtime routine, too, because it is a projection alarm clock.

The Big Red Rooster alarm clocks (affiliate link) can also display the time and different images on the ceiling for kids to look at when falling asleep. Big Red Rooster alarm clocks are currently available as a rocketship, cat, dog or dinosaur.

So, if you missed the chance with back to school, especially if it’s nearing Christmas, do yourself a favor, get the little guys one of the best alarm clocks available for kids. Save yourself a trip into their room in the morning, the expense of an iPhone just to have an alarm clock app and maybe, just maybe, they will surprise you with 10 more minutes of sleep and 10 less minutes of arguing arriving at your door bright eyed and bushy tailed, all dressed for the day ahead!

Disclosure: I was provided with a rocketship alarm clock to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own.


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