Meet The Korean-American American Girl Doll Z-Yang

Meet The Korean-American, American Girl Doll Z-Yang.
American Girl Doll Z-Yang

Z-Yang’s nickname is Suzie. Suzie will join many other new American Girl dolls this year, including dancer and poet,  Gabriela, the Doll of the Year, as well as Tenney and Logan, singer-songwriter’s from Nashville. Logan made history as American Girl’s first boy doll.

There have been many new releases from American Girl this  year, featuring contemporary dolls with creative interests and diverse backgrounds. The public has been asking for more diversity for years.

Suzie, like all American Girl dAmerican Girl Doll Z-Yangolls, has her own unique story. From Seattle, Suzie is a stop-motion animation vlogger. Her stop-motion animation vlog is entitled, Z’s Crew. The vlog is available for kids to view on YouTube.

Susie’s dream is to become a film maker. Like all other American Girl Dolls, this doll also arrives with a book outlining Suzie’s unique story.

In celebration of the launch of the dolls, the American Girl stores are hosting special in-store events to allow girls to meet others with an online presence who love photography and create their own stop-motion videos.

American Girl Doll Z-YangAmerican Girl Dolls are popular dolls for girls to collect, dress, love, and nurture. Visiting American Girl Stores to buy dolls is a rite of passage for many. Lots of families visit the stores for special occasions like birthdays to get a new doll and dine in the luxurious store cafe. Many generations of family members visit together.

Check your local store retail page and for more information on in-store events and to purchase dolls online.

Z-Yang may be able to be purchased from American Girl on, too. (ad)

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