The mifold Travel Booster Seat Review

mifold travel booster seat Going on a trip? Considering buying the mifold travel booster seat for your car?

The same booster seats our children use on a daily basis in the car, can be big, heavy and oversized. When it comes to traveling by air and needing to take a car service, taxi or rental car, having another lightweight, safe and portable option makes it much easier to travel with.

mifold booster seats are recommended for children ages 4 and up, who weigh between 40-100 lbs. and are between 40 and 57 inches tall.

I remember when the mifold travel booster seat was launched on a crowd funding site and it was filling up my social media feeds due to the excitement. When I was asked to review the mifold, I was really excited about it, because in the past few years since my son has been using a booster seat, we’ve needed a travel booster on several occasions. Needless to say, I had not been overjoyed with the options available. I hope you will find this review helpful. This post does include affiliate links which provide an option for you to purchase one for your family, and offer this site a small amount of revenue at no additional cost to you.

Travel booster seats, like the mifold, are truly an ingenious invention. The mifold is 10 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 2 inches thick when folded. It’s a little bigger than the size of a thin, plastic travel wipes container, but definitely heavier. This size allows the booster seat to easily slip into a purse, luggage or backpack. Many kids can even carry it in their own bag or carry-on.

Gavin and I have done some traveling alone, flying across the country together. I could not imagine carrying all of our luggage, keeping a safe eye on him, and lugging his regular booster seat through the airport on my own. His high back booster takes all my strength to get it in and out of my car!

mifold travel booster seat When reaching our destination we’ve taken taxis, Uber and had family pick us up from the airport. Some transportation services do not have booster seats or do not even require a car seat. However, there is a law that requires children sit in booster seats and I do not believe that any of these services should be exempt. I also do not put faith in strangers to keep us safe or supply a booster seat or car seat that is of the same quality I would use on a daily basis. We like to have options and be spontaneous at our destinations, so we have invested in buying travel booster seats for these reasons.

There is a difference between the mifold and other booster seats. Most booster seats lift the child up to more effectively wear the seat belt. The mifold secures the seatbelt on both sides, so that it rests effectively and securely on the child’s lap.

We brought a friend to Laser Tag one afternoon, and as a family with only one child, I was glad we had a second booster seat handy. I keep it tucked in the back pocket of my seat in my vehicle, just to have, in the event we invite a friend over last minute who needs to ride in our vehicle. My son sits in the mifold while the friend sits in his traditional high back booster seat.

The first few times it can be tricky to attach the seatbelt in the proper location, but with practice it gets easier. I find that it is harder to get my son out of the seat when we arrive at our destination, and unlike his high back booster seat that he can manage on his own, he always needs my help.  It can take us a few minutes to release the straps. Definitely practice ahead of time prior to family travel, if you will be using it in cabs or transportation that drop you off quickly at the curb.

For less then $40, this travel booster is a must-have for parents. Here are some great reasons to have a mifold travel booster:

-Bring it on family travel, the kids can carry it in their own backpack or carryon
-Place it in the child’s backpack if they are to be picked up after school or sports by other family members or when going home with friends
-Keep one in your car for any unexpected times when your child would like to go to an event with another family, or for when you need to transport another child
-Have 3 kids trying to fit in the back seat? The mifold is tiny enough to squeeze in the middle when you need to transport a 3rd child with more space.

According to the company, “The mifold booster car seat conforms to the most universally accepted global booster car seat regulations. European Union ECE R44.4; FMVSS 213 in the United States, and the RSSR regulations in Canada. The mifold is 10x smaller than regular booster seats, and just as safe. The mifold is the most advanced, compact and portable booster seat ever.”

Disclosure: I was provided with a mifold grab and go booster seat to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links that if clicked, cost no money to you, but may result in additional revenue to this website.


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