New Gemma Stone Shoppies Doll from Moose Toys

Meet the New Gemma Stone Shoppies Doll from Moose Toys!

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A few years ago at Toy Fair, we got to meet the special, one-of-a-kind Shopkin, Gemma Stone. We even filmed a YouTube video with her! The Shopkin was auctioned off for charity, earning $21,500 for the Toy Industry Foundation. The Gemma Stone Shoppies doll was inspired by the Shopkin.

On Black Friday, only at Walmart, Moose Toys will reveal a new Gemma Stone Shoppie Doll, inspired by the one-of-a-kind Shopkin as part of their “Colorful Friday” promotion.

Gemma Stone Shoppies Doll Moose ToysThe Gemma Stone Shoppie doll will be available in stores and online starting on Thursday, November 24, as part of Walmart’s Black Friday promotion. Check a local Walmart for information.

The Gemma Shoppie doll has 4 exclusive Shopkins, known as the Gleam Team. The doll has a glamorous fashion bag and VIP card that allows the child VIP access and rewards on the Shopkins App!

There will also be a special fan contest, called “Make the World Sparkle and Shine,” to recognize Shopkins fans that add “sparkle” to their world. The grand prize is a $10,000 scholarship! In addition, a Gemma Stone-inspired pop song called “It’s My Time to Shine,” will be available to download on iTunes starting on “Colorful Friday.”

On 11/25/16 you can enter the contest here:


Gemma Stone Shoppies Doll Contest

Disclosure: I did not receive any cash payment or product for the courtesy of this post.

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