Noosa Yoghurt for Snacks and Dessert

noosa yoghurt, pumpkin yogurt, cranberry apple yogurt
©Keri Wilmot

Do you buy a lot of yogurt for your family? While we are generally plain vanilla yogurt fans and add fresh fruit or granola to flavor yogurt on our own, we’ve been lucky to have been sent a case of some of the new flavors of Noosa Yoghurt to enjoy and share with you.

An Austrailian ex-pat, Koel Thomae, visited Noosa, an Austrailian paradise, where she enjoyed a cup of yogurt with passion fruit puree. This amazing idea came back home with her to Colorado and served as the inspiration behind Noosa Yoghurt.

Noosa Yoghurt is made from farm fresh, rBGH-free whole milk in Northern Colorado. Each batch of yogurt also includes clover, alfalfa honey and a fresh-fruit puree.  Fresh flavors include cranberry apple, pumpkin, vanilla, tart cherry, mango, honey, plain, peach, pineapple, coconut, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry, blueberry, and lemon.

Noosa Yoghurt is thicker and creamier than the greek yogurt we generally buy. However, I prefer thicker yogurt over runny or whipped yogurt any day. While these flavors are great snacks, they also make a yummy dessert. Gavin enjoyed the vanilla flavor with his favorite personalized mix-ins including granola, dried cranberries and few mini chocolate chips.

Child enjoying Noosa Yoghurt vanilla flavor.
©Keri Wilmot

Here you can see the thickness and creaminess of the texture of Noosa Yoghurt. I don’t like most pumpkin anythings, ever. However, the pumpkin yogurt was honestly delicious. After I took the photo I later threw in a few chocolate chips, because, why not?

View of Pumpkin Noosa Yoghurt
A peek inside at the texture of Pumpkin Noosa Yoghurt. ©Keri Wilmot

I buy a lot of yogurt for our household, because my son eats a lot of yogurt. At least $10 per week, all by himself, and he’s turning 6 in a month. When he eats more junky snacks than protein, I hear this all day, “I’m hungry. Mom, I’m hungry. HUNgry, HUNGRY!” So unless he wants to eat an entire quart in one sitting, I try not complain since he is consuming a lot of protein. Finding a healthy snack, such as a quality yogurt packed with protein makes packing Gavin’s lunches easier on many levels. There’s no prep work involved on my part and I know he’s consuming something that will help him get through the school day without hunger pains.

I know people are picky, and kids can be especially challenging when trying new foods or even a different brand of foods they already eat. If you aren’t sure whether your family will like the flavors but want to give Noosa Yoghurt a swirl with your own spoon, here’s a link to a Noosa Yoghurt Coupon. Scroll to the bottom of the website, click “coupons” and fill out the form. There is also a link to retail locations that sell Noosa Yoghurt.

Disclosure: I was sent samples of Noosa Yoghurt for review, any opinions are my own.

All photos in this post are my own and were taken with the Samsung NX500 camera and the 16-50mm S lens.

boy eating vanilla Noosa Yoghurt
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