Octonauts Episodes on DVD! (Giveaway)

Octonauts DVD, Octonauts charactersWe have been huge Disney Junior fans in our house for the past several years, watching mainly Handy Manny, Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. For most of Gavin’s existence we had cable that included Disney Junior, plus the ability to watch several episodes “on-demand” through our cable service and the Disney Junior iPad app.

Thankfully, around the same time we decided we’d save money and nix our cable service, we noticed that all of our favorite Disney Junior episodes were also playable on Netflix, it was there that Gavin truly found his love for the Octonauts episodes. When NCircle Entertainment asked about reviewing their new DVD for free, I couldn’t resist, I knew he’d be up for the challenge.

I wasn’t aware of this fact, but the Octonauts originated as books before making their television debut on Disney Junior.  Characters include Captain Barnacles Bear, Kwazii Kitten, Peso Penguin, Dashi Dog, Shellington Sea Otter, Tweak Bunny, Professor Inkling Octopus and Turnip the Vegimal. The Octoanauts live in their Octopod, and rescue various animals throughout the ocean riding along in their GUP-A, GUP-B, GUP-C, GUP-D vehicles, teaching viewers some facts about creatures and the ocean in the process.

Beginning early January 2014, the Octonauts DVD, Here Come the Octonauts! will debut from NCircle Entertainment. The DVD includes 6 episodes (70 minutes) that will expose children to sea snakes, penguins, squids, walruses, torpedo rays, as well as crabs & urchins.

Gavin has watched the DVD a few times, and here’s his opinion:

Me: Gavin what did you think of The Octonauts DVD? Gavin: “It was good.”

Me: “Gavin can you tell me about some of the animals you learned about?” Gavin: “I saw a red giant squid.”

Me: “Anything else? Gavin: “Yes, a scary walrus and a friendly octopus.”

Me: “Gavin I remember the first episode had sea snakes.” Gavin: “Yeah, Mom, I hid under the blanket from those scary snakes.”

I wouldn’t exactly say the Octonauts are scary, but certainly the movements of some animals can be spontaneous and perceived as scary. The animation is great and I love hearing all of the different accents the characters have.

Aside from continued episodes, the Octonauts will be featured in off-line events nationwide as well as in educational materials in conjunction with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in their efforts to “Explore.Rescue.Protect” in the real-world.

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For those of you interested in Octonauts toys, the Octopod from Fisher-Price was featured in my list of favorite Disney toys. Looking for some fun Octonauts games, video clips and activities? DisneyJunior.com and NCircle Entertainment house a lot of fun, educational games and coloring pages. Visit Octonauts.com for information on the Octonauts books.





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