Radio Flyer Cyclone Bike

Radio Flyer CycloneDisclosure: Radio Flyer provided a free Cyclone bike to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own.

So many bikes and ride-on toys require children to have good control of their abdominal muscles for balancing and coordination and strength in both legs. This can be a challenging skill for kids to learn, especially kids with disabilities, which makes riding traditional bikes difficult.

The Radio Flyer Cyclone bike is kid-powered, using the pushing and pulling of arms, rather than legs. It moves quickly and allows children to spin in 360 degrees. It’s recommended for ages 3-7. Maximum weight for a rider is 69 lbs.

Bikes, like these are extremely cool and unique. We had a similar version of this toy at the hospital I used to work at, but it was heavy and hard to maneuver. Despite that fact though the kids loved it. This Cyclone provides the same type of maneuverability, but it’s light weight and easy to coordinate.

Ride-on toys like this are the perfect option for children who may not otherwise be able to balance on a 2-wheel bike, allowing them to maneuver and conquer the playground. It also serves as a great way for children who have a lot of energy and thrive on activities that provide sensory input to pay more attention to seated activities like school and homework, this toy will provide a lot of movement in a short period of time.

Though we haven’t had the opportunity yet to use the bike outside because we’ve been inundated with snow, it maneuvers great on the hardwood floors inside our home. The wheels are plastic, but we haven’t noticed any markings on the floor.

Though we received the bike assembled, there is some basic assembly that does need to be completed. However, Radio Flyer has reported that it is pretty straightforward. You can view assembly instructions here. As always, supervise your children when riding and purchase a bike helmet for safety.


I received a Radio Flyer Cyclone bike free to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own.

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