Red Sox Books for Kids

This Is Our City Children's Book
This Is Our City Children’s Book

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When the holidays come we often end up searching toy stores for all sorts of toys, tablets and technology. However, I try every year to put a few keepsake books under the tree that we might not otherwise buy throughout the year.

Whether you are Red Sox fans or not, This Is Our City: How the 2013 Red Sox Kept Boston Strong isn’t just a story about the Red Sox winning another World Series. Through beautiful illustrations paired with factual history, it tells the story of how the Boston Red Sox went from worst to first, as they strived to unite our terrified city, winning yet another World Series in the aftermath of the tragic Marathon bombings.

The Red Sox history in our family began when Derek and I were engaged on top of the Green Monster at the end of the 2003, shortly before the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs that year.  We celebrated our wedding in 2004, one month before the 86 year curse was finally lifted and couldn’t have been happier to stand in a planter near the Boston Common over night to secure a prime spot for the victory parade.

It’s been a lot of fun the past 2 years, finally taking Gavin to his first trip to the ballpark in 2013 at the age of 4. Then this past year we attended several games and even were filmed in a Red Sox commercial with other #RedSoxMoms.

While I actually don’t say the word “bombings” out loud when we read the book together, because that discussion is for a time when he’s older and can really understand what happened, Gavin does know that something sad happened to people in our city that was hurtful. As a parent, the best way to teach our children lessons about life, it to relate it something they enjoy and respect.

While Gavin isn’t old enough to remember all the details of how our team won 2 World Series,  there’s no doubt that as an adult he will be sharing the stories of our beloved city and Red Sox with his family, just as we are.

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of this book to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own.

Here is a link to purchase This Is Our City: How the 2013 Red Sox Kept Boston Strong. By clicking this link and ordering, I may receive payment if you make a purchase after using this link.

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