Rose Art Color Blanks

Color Blanks by Rose Art allows both children and adults the ability to design their own unique, three dimensional plastic figurines using clay, stickers, paint and markers! There are several different Color Blank figurine kits that include themes like monsters, pets, bunnies, frogs, ducks, reindeers, snowmen, and pumpkin heads!  Inside each Color Blank kit are stickers, a few mini permanent markers, modeling clay and an instruction sheet.  This arts and crafts activity is geared for children ages 6 and up and judging by the looks of the pictures submitted in the Color Blanks gallery on their website, this activity is well loved by children and adults of many ages!

Here are some of my thoughts on Color Blanks

Dyno Dog by Derek Wilmot

– The kit includes 3 markers, some white modeling clay and a set of stickers, so it’s great for birthday party entertainment or swag bag fun, for both boys and girls.  However, there are only 3 markers, so you may want to make sure that you have a larger set of markers available if you want more color choices

– Craft glue and other decorative items like sequins, buttons, popsicle sticks, felt, foam, etc. are NOT included and children might enjoy personalizing their Color Blank in this way, so you may need to purchase additional accessories

– I found it helpful to actually pull the head and arms off the body when coloring the figurine using the permanent markers, but it did release a lot of marker onto my fingers while trying to re-assembling it, so you may want to let it sit overnight.

– The clay stays on the Color Blank just by pressing it, but it would probably be helpful to attach it more permanently with craft glue.

– The permanent markers dry on the Color Blank dark and smooth, which is really nice. However, if you paint the clay, it does not color the same way as the marker on the Color Blank does, so there is some inconsistency with the marker coverage. The markers come off your fingers when washing them, but you may want to use a little scrub brush to remove the marker.

– Inside the package is a small outline of both the front and back of the Color Blank. You may want to photocopy the outlines and make them larger or print them from the internet. Then children can plan out the steps of what they would like their Color Blank to look like.

– Will your Color Blank become your family mascot? For some reason I feel like Color Blanks could be the item your family takes with you on family vacations, photographing he or she as part of your family all over the world! So make sure to have your children and family write the story of your family’s Color Blank!

Color Blanks were provided by Rose Art and Mega Brands free to facilitate a review. The opinions in this post are my own.

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