Scosche iPad Cover (Leather Texture)

So a few weeks ago, I got my birthday present early, a shiny new iPad to start doing children’s educational app reviews, as well as to be able to keep up with social media, emailing and blogging from remote locations such as the local coffee shop and any free wifi hotspot! Considering that my iPad is transported regularly, that I have a one year old, and will be using this expensive device with the children I work with during therapy sessions, a good cover with multi-use features was a must!

I received a Scosche Folio Case for review. This is a leather textured case that has so much versatility! It is not only a professional looking cover that turns your iPad into an immediate portfolio, but it also allows the iPad to be positioned in a variety of slanted surfaces. These slanted surfaces range from true vertical, which is great for movie viewing, to a low profile slanted surface that allows the on- screen keyboard to be accessed in a more comfortable ergonomic position when typing!

Being an occupational therapist who will be testing out apps with children as well, slanted and full vertical surfaces are excellent for a person’s vision to more easily view the content. The variety in slanted surfaces also allows for children to extend their wrist when pointing and typing to access the app’s.  You might think, why is that skill important?  Developing wrist extension can also help children to develop improved hand strength, control and coordination that can translate into more skill required in other fine motor activities.  This is such a professional, multi-use, protective cover that should keep everyone in the family happy when using their iPad!

Scosche provided this case free to facilitate this review. The opinions in this blog post are purely the bloggers own.

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