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Let me introduce you to Air Hogs, a brand part of Spin Master, that has designed some of the most innovative remote control cars and helicopters available to purchase. This year at Toy Fair 2012, we were introduced to the new Air Hogs Battle Tracker.

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, and being made available for purchase in the Fall 2012 for about $99.99, this is definitely an item that your sons and husbands will go crazy for this holiday season.

Remote control items have often been so unilateral, allowing the controller to fly their own aircraft or zoom their own speeding car. The Battle Tracker has brought a whole new level of interaction with 3 or more ways to play with this fun toy. Take control of the disc firing helicopter, while the missile firing Automated Robot Turret (A.R.T.) fires back, or take manual control of the turret launching the 12 missiles via remote control.

Here’s a video we took at Toy Fair 2012 of the new Air Hogs Battle Tracker in action!


Video Transcription:

Announcer: You’ve got to watch it. You don’t want to miss this.

Sharon Osbourne: It’s a yes from me.

Keri: Hi, this is Keri Wilmot from ToyQueen.com. We’re here at the Spin
Master booth with AirHogs, and they have one of the
hottest, coolest toys this year called the Battle Tracker.
There is a flying helicopter. Jake, I don’t know if you
really quickly want to give us just a quick snippet on how
it all works.

Jake: Sure. This is the Battle Tracker, new for Fall ’12. Essentially, it’s
fully interactive, robotic combat. What happens with our
A.R.T. here is he actually has auto-tracking technology in
him. So when we fly the helicopter around, he’ll actually
track down the helicopter and fire missiles at it and try
to take it out of the sky.

The great thing here is that it’s not just a one-way
combat. Our helicopter will then fire discs back at him. It
actually registers when you hit the robot. You can actually
take him down. He bows his head, admits defeat. It is truly
immersive combat. Great thing also is it’s not just one
player. Switch over to manual mode, and you’ll actually be
able to control the turret and play two player mode. If my
friend is flying the helicopter, I can take control of the
A.R.T. and actually try to take him down.

Keri: Jake when will this be available?

Jake: This is new for Fall ’12. It’s a TV promoted item. We really are
confident with this one. We think it’s one of the hottest
items to ever come out of the RC line from AirHogs.

Keri: Awesome. Thank you so much.

Jake: Thank you.

Keri: Oh, and price point?

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