Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches Review

Stonyfield YogurtDisclosure: I was provided with coupons to try several different flavors of the new Stonyfield organic yogurt pouches, any opinions are my own.

Yogurt is a staple in our family diet. I generally spend at least $10 per week on different varieties. In our family, we all like different flavors and textures, and since yogurt is a healthier snack that includes a lot of protein and fruit, it’s one of the only food items that I’ll mix and match based on individual preferences.

Over the years, it’s been amazing to see how packaging has changed with baby food, as well as yogurt for kids.  All that used to be available were small cups and jars, and now the packaging has  transformed into sticks, drinks and pouches. Since we are all taking our yogurts to work or school, the packaging has also played a role in my purchasing habits given that for my son, the tubes provide portability and cleanliness in his lunchbox. While sending smaller pre-portioned containers is certainly more cost-effective, washing them each and every night is downright annoying and time consuming.

What I do also like about the idea of the pouches is that if a child doesn’t finish their yogurt, then you can put the top back on and refrigerate it. Sometimes when we travel we stop at a supermarket and run in for a yogurt, but eating it in the car with a spoon can be a challenge, so for kids, it’s great to be able to hand over a yogurt on-the-go that doesn’t require the use of a spoon and the mess that could accompany it.

Stonyfield Yo Kids PouchWhen Stonyfield contacted us about reviewing their yogurt pouches, I couldn’t wait for Gavin to try them. He loves yogurt, and has enjoyed several different flavors of Stonyfield yogurt in the tubes, so I made sure to buy the Yo Kids! strawberry flavored pouches, which I figured would be close in taste to what I knew he’d be familiar with. 

So, when I took the  yogurt pouch out of the refrigerator and gave it to him, he immediately refused to eat it, stating “it’s for babies!”  I know a lot of baby food these days arrives in these pouches with twist-off tops, but I would have never imagined that would be his reaction. When I poured some of the yogurt from the pouch into a bowl then essentially bribed him to take 3 bites with a spoon, he ate a few bites to appease me. While he wasn’t interested in eating the yogurt in that form, he wasn’t spitting or gagging, which I’ve seen dozens of children do over the years with textures they didn’t like the taste of. So apparently his refusal didn’t have anything to do with the taste, he had decided that pouches were for babies. 

I have worked a lot with families over the years with children who are severe picky eaters and with feeding challenges. While some kids aren’t aware of the packaging, there are others who are intensely aware of those details.  It can be  frustrating because we know they will most likely love the product, but they get stuck on some minor detail that has nothing to do with the actual food.

So since Gavin wasn’t interested in helping the taste test any further, I ate one of the yogurts myself, drinking it from the pouch. The cap is easy to twist on and off. The yogurt texture was definitely a little thinner than we are typically used to when we purchase it in the cups. However,  while the strawberry flavor was a little sweet and somewhat tangy for my taste buds,  it was really good.

Stonyfield is launching the first ever refrigerated organic yogurt pouches in 3 different brands, Yo Baby, Yo Toddler and Yo Kids. Each brand is recommended for children of various age ranges and includes different sized pouches and flavor varieties.

In my opinion, yogurt is a great snack for kids to taste different fruits and a fantastic source of protein. If your children are familiar with eating food from pouches, they will probably love this great on-the-go snack that helps minimize the messiness.

I will also offer a little hint for when you are thinking of buying a new food or flavor for your child. Many parents tell me they wish their children will eat something uber healthy, like broccoli. However,  sometimes their child won’t even look at a green food, never mind taste a piece of broccoli. So while it’s often exciting to give our children something healthy, if you are transitioning to a new flavor in the beginning, it’s always best to try a flavor that closely resembles what your child generally likes and take little baby steps.

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