New Exclusive Look at NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow #RebellePower

Do you like sneak peeks and exclusive info? I can’t believe we are even thinking about next Christmas (December 2015!), but if you have a NERF Rebelle fan in your house, here’s a picture of the newest NERF Rebelle toy, the Arrow Revolution Bow! It’s not available until Fall of 2015, but I’m hoping to get […]

Koosh Recon Solar Blaster at Hasbro Showroom for Toy Fair 2012

Yesterday we had the most fun playing around at the Hasbro Showroom for the unveiling of their newest toys for 2012. Koosh, the makers of those stringy, elastic balls kids love to fidget with, is part of Hasbro. The Koosh team has worked alongside another popular Hasbro brand, NERF, to bring a fun, new blaster […]

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