BlogHer 2012

Last year I made my first trip to BlogHer in San Diego. This year I had a very short trip to BlogHer 2012 in New York City. My brother got married that weekend, so I literally went to BlogHer for the day, before it had even really even begun. McDonald’s did pretty much one of […]

Spring Cleaning, in September?

When at BlogHer in San Diego,  Proctor & Gamble set up their Future Friendly House. Yes a mock floorplan of a house complete with deck, laundry room, bathroom, patio and smelly teenage bedroom was constructed onsite in the expo hall so we could all learn about some of their great brands that include Downy, Puffs, […]

BlogHer 2011 “Run Down”

So here’s my BlogHer 2011 “Run Down” (yes there is a pun intended, reading this may just exhaust you!) One of the most exciting parts about BlogHer 2011 in San Diego, was for me, how much anticipatory excitement there was. There haven’t been any other professional conferences I can say I’ve been to that gave […]

Dear BlogHer

    Dear BlogHer, We have not even met yet and you gave me sweaty palms of excitement from the moment I clicked the submit button on my non-refundable hotel stay in San Diego, because non-refundable = definite. I have been researching the conference topics, RSVP’d to some really cool parties, and talked with a […]

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