Family Doodle Book Review & Giveaway

Traveling from school to school working with children of all ages on writing and drawing, there are a few invaluable resources that have permanent homes inside my work bag. The Family Doodle Book is one of the latest. If you have a child who struggles to write,  homework and those dreaded “open responses” that are […]

The Mandala Coloring Book Review & Giveaway

As a school system professional, I never could have imagined that when I decided to become an occupational therapist, that I could potentially be put in a situation of risking my life helping students while working in the school system. With all of the recent school shootings and the murder of a Danvers High School […]

Doodle Art Posters

Disclosure: PlaSmart provided me with Doodle Art Posters as samples to facilitate this review. Did you know that as a pediatric occupational therapist, it’s my job to color. Seriously, one skill of my job description includes teaching children how to hold their pencil, marker or crayon the right way so they can demonstrate enough muscle […]

Disney Planes Printables

At Toy Fair this year, I heard about a new movie release from Disney, Planes, a 3D feature that will hit movie theaters on August 9th, 2013.  The premise of the movie includes Dusty (the voice of Dane Cook) who wants to be a high-flying racer, who also happens to be afraid of heights. At […]

Shrinky Dinks

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Shrinky Dinks?” For those of you with your heads out of the gutter, you will be instantaneously wisked away, I think, to your childhood years and specific commercial of kids peering into an oven watching their creations shrink to a tiny size. I must not […]

Griffin LightBoard Case and LightBoard Trace App

Griffin Technology is a company you might not know by name, but you would probably recognize many of the accessories they develop to keep our mobile devices charged and secure while at home or on-the-go. So — here is one of their newest concepts. What if you could transform your iPad so that your children […]

Back to School: Crayola Crayon & Marker guide by age!

Since the start of school is right around the corner, teacher suggested lists and store sales will send the purchasing of crayons and markers skyrocketing. Here’s my favorite back to school list of Crayola crayons and markers listed by Older Elementary, Kindergarten, Preschool and Toddler Ages! Older Elementary School Age: These tools promote a more […]

Crayola Beginnings Tadoodles help 1-2 year olds learn to color!

At what age should my child color?  Beginning at one year of age, if you give your child a crayon, they may begin to hold the crayon, place it on the paper and imitate you moving your hand back and forth to produce a scribble.  Expect attention for this activity at this age, to last […]

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