Celebrating Fun Zootopia Toys!

The wait is over! Zootopia is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray! Thanks to TOMY toys, the mastermind behind the toys associated with the movie, we were able to celebrate the digital release of the movie with some fun new Zootopia toys. We saw Zootopia as a family on the day it was released in theaters and my husband […]

Octonauts Episodes on DVD! (Giveaway)

We have been huge Disney Junior fans in our house for the past several years, watching mainly Handy Manny, Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. For most of Gavin’s existence we had cable that included Disney Junior, plus the ability to watch several episodes “on-demand” through our cable service and the Disney Junior […]

What’s the Best Video Streaming Service for Families? Netflix vs. Hulu Plus

With the iPad, iPhone, Wii, Xbox 360 and televisions that connect to the internet, video streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix are increasingly popular family entertainment options, available for a monthly subscription fee. Here are my experiences to help you decide, if you are looking for the best video streaming service for your family. […]

Angelina Ballerina DVD: Ballerina Princess Review

I have a 2-year-old-son who has a crush on Angelina Ballerina. I’m not kidding. He loves this show and actually prefers to watch these DVD’s more than Thomas the Train or Barney. It honestly doesn’t make me sad, because it’s the only opportunity to watch something a little more girly that isn’t focused on trucks […]

Fun on the Farm 2 DVD Review & Contest

About 1 year ago, we were introduced to Fun On The Farm a DVD geared for kids ages 2-6.  It was one of the first DVD’s Gavin ever really watched for any length of time. He was completely mesmerized by the various John Deere tractors, and real farm-life videos. The videos are highlighted by adorable children’s […]

How To Get Rid of the Pacifier…

Even before Gavin was born, I knew I wanted him to have a pacifier, despite many people’s contradictory opinions. Working with children who have self-regulation difficulties, or kids for some reason or another who haven’t learned to soothe themselves when they are upset, I was determined to find something for him that would help him […]

What television shows do you let your kids watch?

Before having children I think most people have this idea of all things we will never, ever, under any circumstances allow our children to do. One of which revolves around watching television and especially, how much time we will let them in engage in such a “passive activity.” I do let my son watch usually […]

How much do you love Redbox?

How many of you have seen the lines at the grocery store for these big red boxes wondering what people are waiting for? Here at the Wilmot’s we are big Redbox fans, for $1 per night we have enjoyed many a movie from the big Redbox! From now until March 17th, you can be lucky […]

Sesame Street Silly Storytime DVD Giveaway

A few months ago for Christmas, Gavin got his introduction to Sesame Street with an adorable little plastic Elmo carrying case that includes Sesame Street themed doctor’s items. Gavin goes to daycare during the day and we are never home to watch Sesame Street at its consistent time on our local PBS station. Not to […]

Fun on the Farm DVD by John Deere

Do you have a toy or game that seriously saves your life? There is nothing more than I hate to do as a parent to have Gavin watching too much television, but this DVD only 35 minutes in length, has been worth it’s weight in gold at our house, and let’s face it, sometimes you […]

ToyQueen’s Celebrities of Toy Fair 2010

It’s been a few months since Toy Fair and for as quickly as it came and went, on this nice spring day I was thinking about the whirlwind that it was, as we searched for all sorts of new toys and gadgets that our children will love and learn from. While most people searched the […]

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