New McDonald’s Breakfast Hours #McDPJParty

Guess what, McDonald’s breakfast hours have changed! While we don’t make a weekly event out of breakfast for dinner, since I became a full-time working parent, I won’t lie, there have been dozens of times when omelets and pancakes are about all I have the energy to cook. One thing my growing little boy craves is […]

Noodles and Company Restaurant Review and Dinner for 4 Gift Card Giveaway

When you have kids, a dinner out in a time crunch doesn’t always have to be a not so healthy drive-thru option. Sometimes the thought of entering a nice sit-down restaurant with waitstaff service isn’t viable either because at least when my son is hungry, he’s totally happy and then all of a sudden he’s […]

McDonald’s Gift Card and Summer Tote Giveaway #McDChefChat

Disclosure: I participated in a Google chat hosted by Chef Jessica and McDonald’s of Eastern New England on providing wholesome nutrition strategies during the busy summer months. I received the same tote featured for participation which includes a McDonald’s gift card, but no additional compensation was received. Summer months are tough. The weather’s nice, it’s […]

Wholesome Nutrition During the Summer

  Hey everyone! Are you available on Thursday June 26th from 1-1:30 EST? McDonald’s of Eastern New England is hosting a Google+ Chat on Wholesome Nutrition During the Busy Summer Season! Chef Jessica Foust, the Director of Culinary Innovation from McDonald’s will be the host and moderator. Myself, along with Jessica from Don’t Mind the […]

Meet Chomp Stix: Training Chopsticks for Kids

When I was wandering the aisles of Toy Fair one of the most exciting “toys” I found were Chomp Stix. Chomp Stix are 3 different types of training chopsticks for kids. Aside from the obvious, that they are a fun alternative to a fork, there are other reasons why items like Chomp Stix, aside from […]

Must Have Baby Items from Drool Baby Expo

Disclosure: I received a free VIP ticket with swag bag to the Drool Baby Expo in Boston, MA to preview the newest baby gear. Any opinions stated are my own. We all see every day how technology keeps changing. It’s always amazing to me when I get a chance to see some of the newest […]

Portable Tray Table for Kids from Bambinos!

When Gavin was a younger toddler we never left home without our booster seat for the table. With it’s removable tray, as a baby he could sit in it on the floor, or we could attach it to any dining room chair of the house we visited to play or eat, that is until he […]

Chobani Greek Yogurt for Kids (contest)

Being a full-time working mom, yogurt in general has been a godsend in my life, not only for my own lunches, but those small individualized cups are so quick and easy to pack for my son’s lunch for daycare . Being that I work in several different school systems and over the course of the […]

6 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

How many of you remember your parents requiring that you sit at the dinner table until you eat your vegetables. “Eat your peas, then you can have dessert.” And yes, dessert in my house as a child was Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes or Swiss Miss Pudding cups.  I’m pretty sure the three pieces of corn I […]

Similac Baby Journal App Review

Most of my son’s first year is quite foggy these days, but there are a few things I clearly remember in his early existence. I seriously struggled with the idea of whether to breastfeed or not throughout my entire pregnancy. So the morning I delivered Gavin and we brought him to the nursery, the nurse on […]

How to Help Your Family Make Positive Mealtime Choices! (Giveaway)

This past Wednesday, I was invited to attend an event sponsored by Isis Parenting celebrating the development of their new 6000 square foot location in Hanover, MA. Isis Parenting sponsored the event with Alan Greene, M.D. as he spoke about his book, Feeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition During Pregnancy, Childhood, […]

Tommee Tippee Feeding Products

For months I have been in and out of Babies R Us, perusing the feeding aisle, looking for items for my feeding therapy work as an occupational therapist, as well as searching for cool and innovative products to use with my now 9 month old, Gavin. I’ve recently had the opportunity to review a few […]

BEABA Infant Spoons

For hours I stood in the aisle at Babies R Us it felt like looking for the perfect spoon. Much to my surprise, apparently I was standing in the wrong store! For Christmas this past year, my mother found these unbelievable BEABA spoons at Williams-Sonoma and purchased them for Gavin. I know this is strange […]

SVAN High Chair: ToyQueen’s Favorite High Chair

Being a full time working mom who happens to specialize in feeding therapy, I only have a few hours of the day to spend with Gavin, one of which is typically dinner. This post highlights one of my most treasured products for our mealtimes, the SVAN High Chair. When considering purchasing a high chair or […]

Fabulous Infant Fun!

I apologize ahead of time that many of my posts over the next few weeks will most likely be infant related. When I return back to work after my maternity leave in two weeks, my mind should think in a broader perspective, but for now this cute little man is my reality! In an effort […]

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