Frustration Free Way for Kids to Sign Every Card!

This past week at school I made “friendship cards” with my students so they could practice the art form of writing their names legibly and in those teeny tiny spaces before we handed them out to friends and teachers. As an OT I really value children being able to write their name by themselves, legibly. […]

Minecraft Toys & Activities

If you have a son or know boys that are ages 7 and up, Minecraft is the newest technology rage. Through apps, video games and computer programs, children build virtual worlds. While this game has been the most popular with older middle school and high school aged students for years, I’m hearing of children younger […]

The Mandala Coloring Book Review & Giveaway

As a school system professional, I never could have imagined that when I decided to become an occupational therapist, that I could potentially be put in a situation of risking my life helping students while working in the school system. With all of the recent school shootings and the murder of a Danvers High School […]

Billy Beats: A Toddler’s First Musical Instrument

Disclosure: I received a sample of Mega Bloks First Builders Billy BeatsTM Dancing Piano to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own. Most babies, toddlers and preschool aged children love music. In my opinion there’s nothing cuter than a 10-month-old child who is learning to stand up and you see them holding on to the […]

Doodle Art Posters

Disclosure: PlaSmart provided me with Doodle Art Posters as samples to facilitate this review. Did you know that as a pediatric occupational therapist, it’s my job to color. Seriously, one skill of my job description includes teaching children how to hold their pencil, marker or crayon the right way so they can demonstrate enough muscle […]

A Pegboard for Kids is a Great Fine Motor Skill Activity (Giveaway)

International Playthings provided the Quercetti Fantacolor Aquarium pegboard for kids, free, in order to facilitate this review and giveaway. Any opinions are my own. You might be wondering why a pegboard designed for kids is such a great fine motor skill activity? As a parent all you may be anticipating are hundreds of little pieces […]

Play-Doh States of America Campaign (Giveaway)

Play-Doh has been working on a unique campaign with fans on Facebook. Fans were able to vote on a sculpted Play-Doh icon that best depicted their individual state in the nation. Then, a final map was revealed made entirely of Play-Doh. The map also included each state’s winning sculpture prominently displayed on the map. My […]

Fun Easter Game for Kids

Preschool and Kindergarten aged children are building strength, control and coordination in their fingertips, which they will need in order to hold a pencil and pair of scissors correctly with their thumb, index and middle fingers. Aside from coordination and strength, this age group is learning to match colors and sequence patterns. A fun way […]

Teaching Kids to Write With Kids Writing Apps

Everyday as an occupational therapist I’m teaching kids to write letters, numbers and draw pictures.  For most of the children I work with who are challenged by how they hold a pencil, or the ability to pay attention, it’s a daunting task, often met with refusal, especially when I hand over the dreaded pencil and […]

3D MagnaColor Review (Giveaway)

Usually around February we hear about the new toys and products that will be released in the upcoming year. I plan lots of editorial around what’s coming. However, every year there seems  to be a toy or product that ends up on my door step, completely unannounced, which amazes me how something so cool was […]

Kiwi Crate Craft Kits for Kids

These days Gavin is coming home from his preschool with a lot of arts and crafts and I completely feel guilty sometimes that I’ve limited him at home to Crayola Color Wonder markers, Play-Doh and Moon Dough. I am an OT and I’ve allowed him to experiment with using some scissors to cut some paper […]

Sparkling 3D Paints for Kids!

Working with children on developing their hand strength, tracing and coordination there are only so many times we can do arts and crafts type activities with plain old crayons and markers before I am met with some serious resistance. So my goal is always to find ways to encourage children to develop these skills, so […]

Need a travel game this summer for kids of all ages?

The Everything “A to Z” Peek-a-Boo Bag by International Playthings is a great activity to keep your children quickly entertained, especially if you are traveling with the kids this summer and need something lightweight and easy to take along where ever you might be headed off to. I love the versatility of this game, because […]

An Ice Cream Shop Without the Mess!

Now that Spring is full swing and Summer is right around the corner, here in the Northeast all the local ice cream stands are opening their doors for the season! So why wouldn’t your children want to use their imaginative play skills with the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Ice Cream Shop to set up […]

Fairy Tales and Play-Doh?

Recently Play-Doh has released new playsets that allow children to build and act out fairy tale adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and the Three Little Pigs using their Play-Doh. Each playset comes with: – 2 or 3 different containers with different color Play-Doh – Unique Play-Doh molds that allow children to […]

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