New Star Wars Game Giveaway #ForceFriday

Hey everyone! In celebration of the upcoming release of the new movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, retailers are launching all of the new toys associated with the movie with a lot of excitement. is celebrating #ForceFriday with Wonder Forge, with a giveaway of their new Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ -Star Destroyer Strike. While […]

New Elefun Game

You may have in your game closet, the original Elefun game from Hasbro. You know the one, with the elephant with the long plastic snout that when turned on makes little vinyl butterflies fly all around your living room, while you stand their holding a net trying to catch them? I have been playing the […]

Angelina Ballerina Game: Dance with Me

Some of you may recognize the familiar mouse from television, Angelina Ballerina.  Aside from the Angelina Ballerina television show, there is an adorable Angelina Ballerina game for preschool aged girls, entitled Dance with Me by Wonder Forge. This board game, recommended for kids, namely girls, ages 3 and up, not only teaches children all about […]

Tonka Chuck and Friends Educational iPad App Review

It didn’t take long from some great toy companies like Hasbro to get involved in the iPad app market. With the addition of online worlds, there is a big push these days to bring multi-user experiences for kids. The same car you push across your living room floor, might make an appearance with his friends […]

Fisher Price iXL Learning System

The Fisher-Price iXL Learning System is a portable, hand held learning tool for children ages 3 – 7. This is a combination device! It will play downloaded music, store individual photos, read digital story books and allows children to practice writing letters, words and numbers on the notepad. The drawing stylus allows children to draw […]

Interview with Dr. Michael Shore from Mattel by ToyQueen

Dr. Michael Shore from Mattel is interviewed by ToyQueen, Keri Wilmot regarding some of the developmental aspects that have been included in Mattel’s process of toy creation and development to promote emotional benefits, imagination, empowerment, and the sense of discovery in the design process. Toys featured include the Fisher-Price Trio Building Set, Preschool game Uno […]

Gamewright Can You See What I See Review Toy Queen

Can You See What I See? Gamewright game review by ToyQueen. Educational card game that helps you learn how to visually scan images & match. Tweet

Gamewright Ringo Flamingo Review by Toy Queen

Fun game to play at school or as a family that works on a child’s fine motor skills to develop coordination, speed and dexterity. Also Incorporates math with simple addition and subtraction based on how many life savers land onto the gameboard. Tweet

Cranium Cariboo is a Great, Educational Game for Kids

Cranium Cariboo An excellent game choice for kids ages 24 months through elementary school is Cranium Cariboo. This game is great for turn taking and for households with siblings who are different age ranges. Different balls are placed in the top and they will randomly hide in behind a compartment. Children pick different cards that […]

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