Holiday Toy Lists for 2014!

I’ve been a busy little elf this holiday season helping create some lists of my favorite holiday toys, many of which appeared on Toys. In case you are ready to do some last minute shopping, here are links to some of my favorites articles! Links to these posts will take you to content I wrote for […]

Twister Dance Rave Game Review (Giveaway)

Disclosure: I was provided with a free sample of Twister Dance Rave Game from Hasbro to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own. Do your kids love to dance? It’s popular in many of the schools I work both in gym class and even in some of our OT sessions to cue up some […]

New Barbie iPad Makeup Mirror

At Toy Fair in New York City, I got a chance to preview some of the newest Barbie toys, set to be released in 2013. Aside from the typical dolls, and play sets, this year there is a new Barbie iPad makeup mirror.  Through facial recognition and a special wand, girls are able to put […]

Teaching Kids to Write With Kids Writing Apps

Everyday as an occupational therapist I’m teaching kids to write letters, numbers and draw pictures.  For most of the children I work with who are challenged by how they hold a pencil, or the ability to pay attention, it’s a daunting task, often met with refusal, especially when I hand over the dreaded pencil and […]

New La Dee Da Fashion Doll Line (Video)

La Dee Da is an unbeliveable  new line of fashion dolls that will grace toy stores in August 2012. Dee and her 3 best friends, Tylie, Cyanne and Sloane are aspiring fashion designers who travel the world and use their experiences to gain inspiration for their clothing and accessories. Their clothing can transform. For example, […]

Angelina Ballerina DVD: Ballerina Princess Review

I have a 2-year-old-son who has a crush on Angelina Ballerina. I’m not kidding. He loves this show and actually prefers to watch these DVD’s more than Thomas the Train or Barney. It honestly doesn’t make me sad, because it’s the only opportunity to watch something a little more girly that isn’t focused on trucks […]

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll (Video)

Barbie, a popular fashion doll, made her debut this year at Toy Fair 2012 with an integrated digital camera. The images are displayed right on Barbie’s stomach, and the doll can store 100 images. Not only can girls dress up their Barbie dolls, they can now accessorize her with images!           […]

Cody Simpson Doll Contest

For those of you with “tween’s” or children in the 8-12 year old age group, it’s very possible there is constant chatter in your home about pop idol favorites like the blonde Australian, Cody Simpson. Working in the school system with many young girls right in this age group, their excitement and enthusiasm for these […]

Sparkling 3D Paints for Kids!

Working with children on developing their hand strength, tracing and coordination there are only so many times we can do arts and crafts type activities with plain old crayons and markers before I am met with some serious resistance. So my goal is always to find ways to encourage children to develop these skills, so […]

Crunch Art Review

Parents, I see the look on your faces when I show up to your house or your child comes home from school and they are covered from head to toe in what ever sticky art project they completed. Sometimes, we all just need a way to help kid’s expand their creative minds, minus the mess. […]

Constructive Playthings Arts & Crafts Case Giveaway

I can’t believe it has been several months since I brought a review to you by Constructive Playthings! This month we have been reviewing the Arts and Crafts Case suitable for children ages 4 and up. The Arts and Crafts Case is a box with 20 compartments or transparent drawers. Inside each compartment are different non-toxic […]

Are Easy-Bake kits, as easy as they look?

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we brought a few toy treats with us to our family to pass the time.  I’ve been planning to test out the Easy Bake Microwave and Style Deluxe Cake and Cookie  Kit for several weeks and was looking for the right person to share in my fun. I always wanted, but […]

Squinkies Blip Toys

These little guys are flying off the shelves in stores this holiday season! Squinkies are tiny squishable toys that live inside small plastic bubbles. Once these bubbles are opened they can be squished, used in dramatic play, attached to the top of the pencil, hidden in a pocket, played with using one of the adorable […]

Disney Princess & Me Royal Party at your local Toys “R” Us, October 16th! (Giveaway)

A few weeks back I received one of the Belle Disney Princess & Me dolls for review.  Though I was just entering high school when Beauty and the Beast became a big Disney hit and seemingly too old for princess mania, I had a younger sister who was just 2 at the time, and Belle […] provides personalized holiday gift adventures!

After talking with my friend in Florida who is visiting relatives in New York with her children this holiday season, we happened upon the discussion of how Santa would be delivering her children’s presents in New York. With toting two children, her husband, the family dog and her mother-in-law in the mini-van, there was simply […]

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