New Exclusive Look at NERF Rebelle Arrow Revolution Bow #RebellePower

Do you like sneak peeks and exclusive info? I can’t believe we are even thinking about next Christmas (December 2015!), but if you have a NERF Rebelle fan in your house, here’s a picture of the newest NERF Rebelle toy, the Arrow Revolution Bow! It’s not available until Fall of 2015, but I’m hoping to get […]

Monopoly Junior: One of the Best Math Games for Kids

I have never been able to finish a real game of Monopoly. I don’t have the attention span for the hours and hours it takes to finish. However, over the years I’ve used several different versions of Monopoly Junior with my students, which have been great for kids because they have much simpler rules and […]

Best Kid’s Apps

Over the past few years I’ve reviewed some really awesome iPad and iPhone apps for kids. I thought I’d compile them into a list so you could find them all in the same location. Feel free to add your favorite app in the comment section if you don’t see it listed here! I would appreciate […]

Hottest Toys for 2013

Since February at Toy Fair when the new toys are debuted, I’ve been compiling a list of my favorite toys of the year for 2013. So for those of you who are ready to embark on your holiday shopping, planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals or even if you are a last minute […]

Twister Dance Rave Game Review (Giveaway)

Disclosure: I was provided with a free sample of Twister Dance Rave Game from Hasbro to facilitate this review, any opinions are my own. Do your kids love to dance? It’s popular in many of the schools I work both in gym class and even in some of our OT sessions to cue up some […]

Play-Doh States of America Campaign (Giveaway)

Play-Doh has been working on a unique campaign with fans on Facebook. Fans were able to vote on a sculpted Play-Doh icon that best depicted their individual state in the nation. Then, a final map was revealed made entirely of Play-Doh. The map also included each state’s winning sculpture prominently displayed on the map. My […]

Do You Like to Play Yahtzee? (Giveaway)

There are just some classic Hasbro games that have been bestsellers for decades, Yahtzee being one of them. I won’t lie, before we were married, my husband and I actually used to love to play Yahtzee, so much so we even took it with us on our honeymoon to Saint Lucia because it was a […]

New Elefun Game

You may have in your game closet, the original Elefun game from Hasbro. You know the one, with the elephant with the long plastic snout that when turned on makes little vinyl butterflies fly all around your living room, while you stand their holding a net trying to catch them? I have been playing the […]

Avengers Mask Giveaway

One of my personal favorite movies of the year was Marvel’s The Avengers. We rarely have time to see movies these days, but when when planning my content for that included my favorite Avengers toys, we made sure we saw it in the theaters. I loved everything about the movie. The excitement and most […]

BOP IT XT Game Review (Contest)

I wasn’t sure what the kids at school would think of the new BOP IT! XT game from Hasbro. If you aren’t familiar with the BOP IT line of games, it is essentially a handheld gaming device that shouts out directions pretty much at rapid fire. As the player you are responsible to follow all […]

Baby Butterscotch Furreal Friends Pony (Video)

A few years ago, I remember walking the aisles of Target, and there at the end of the row was a giant horse toy, Butterscotch, who was literally a life size pony. This year in Fall 2012, Hasbro, again as part of the Furreal Friends line, is launching Baby Butterscotch. This smaller version is a […]

Game of Life zAPPed Edition

This year at Toy Fair we noticed an unbelievable amount of games that are going to be brought to market  that involve apps for use on the iPhone or iPad. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Hasbro is one of the dominators in the family game market, so I don’t know why […]

New Beyblade Beywheelz (Video)

Beyblade’s spinning tops have been very popular amongst little boys for several years. Children “Let it Rip!” by pulling the rip cord and battle against their friends in an arena, with the last top standing being crowned the winner. This year Hasbro introduced a new Beyblade line at Toy Fair, Beyblade Beywheelz. Beywheelz will spin […]

New Hasbro Games for Family Game Night

If you ask me, Hasbro dominates in the family games market. Here are some of their newest games ready to launch in 2012, that are must-haves for your family game night! Not only is Hasbro the fabulous creater of board games and family games, this year, they have taken their game play to a whole […]

Koosh Recon Solar Blaster at Hasbro Showroom for Toy Fair 2012

Yesterday we had the most fun playing around at the Hasbro Showroom for the unveiling of their newest toys for 2012. Koosh, the makers of those stringy, elastic balls kids love to fidget with, is part of Hasbro. The Koosh team has worked alongside another popular Hasbro brand, NERF, to bring a fun, new blaster […]

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