Usbourne Books: High Quality Educational Books for Children

Years ago I went to a convention and was introduced to Usbourne Books, high quality children’s books that are generally only available through home parties and independent sales consultants. Recently my son’s school had an Usbourne Book fundraiser through Wonderfun Books and portions of the proceeds were donated back to his daycare so the school […]

Mr. Biggs in The City Book Review

Okay parents, how many dozens of children’s books do you read a week? I have been so impressed with some of the detailed illustrations recently in books, that it made me think, without these talented individuals creating the pictures that tell the story, the most amazing words in the universe would be rendered meaningless. And […]

LaRue Across America: Postcards from Vacation

Dear Mr. Mark Teague, I recently had the pleasure of reading your latest book LaRue Across America: Postcards from the Vacation. Being a dog lover, I am really not very fond of cats, so I can totally sympathize with how the dog, Ike LaRue, really feels. His mother, Mrs. LaRue tries to be a “do […]

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